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    Please get involved in your state's politics. Those in Washington are a little bit apprehensive after the recent primaries and we might just be able to make a difference.

    I sent the following email to my congress critters. Probably won't do any good but at least they know what I believe regarding the issue. If you want to use this as a springboard for your own thoughs or just copy and paste please feel free to do so.

    To Sentor/Representative _________________: Fill in the name.

    In light of the recent awakening in Congress regarding Immigration I’d like to give the following suggestions.

    1. Enforce the law! Rather than sit around wringing your hands over Arizona’s attempt at enforcing Federal Immigration Law why don’t you try fulfilling your responsibility and enforce it on the Federal level? In case you haven’t noticed, we are being invaded by refugees from our southern border. It’s your responsibility to stop it. Do what you’re supposed to do and the state of Arizona won’t have to.

    Note: Since I have little confidence you have the guts to enforce current immigration laws I have included the following suggestions .

    2. Offers of Amnesty. For what, violating Federal law? I’ll make you a deal. Any offers of amnesty you give to illegal aliens should also be offered to ALL American citizens. If any American citizen has broken a non-violent Federal law they too should be offered amnesty. If you want to make special exemptions to the law lets apply it to US citizens as well as illegal aliens.

    3. Back Taxes. Make sure that you collect every penny with penalties. Go after any illegal aliens with the same zeal you’d apply to any US citizen persecuted by the IRS for back taxes. No mercy! They knew they were doing something illegal and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    4. Welfare and other government subsidies. Make them pay back every penny they’ve received. If they were obtained fraudulently then they have no right to them. If that's too harsh then apply the same standards to American welfare cheats that you'd apply to illegal aliens.

    5. English. Learn it or leave. Competency in the nations language should be the FIRST requirement of anyone living here. If their kids don’t know it make them learn it. If they show up in school and can’t speak English then teach them English. Once they’ve learned it put them in the other classes BUT TEACH ALL CLASSES IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Give all tests in English. (Especially driver's tests.) All voting should be done in English. If they can't read or speak English they need to learn it before they cast a ballot or drive a vehicle.

    6. How about a US president who is for us? Stop apologizing to third world nations. Most of them are dependant on our handouts. Maybe they’ll get mad and enact an embargo against us and we’ll have to open up some factories in the US to make the stuff we buy from them and then employ Americans to work in them instead of funneling billions of dollars into their economies. And while we’re at it we can enact an embargo against them and stop selling them food, and timber and a few of the other pleasantries of life. If they don't like guns coming across the US border then they need to patrol their border and quit creating a market in their country for illegal weapons. Obviously if there was no market there'd be no way for gun-runners to make a profit.

    7. Drop the sophistry. Maybe the president of Mexico has a migration problem with people leaving his nation but we have an illegal immigration problem. When he believes it would be okay for US citizens to “migrate” south of our border and set up our own little communities and expect Mexicans to learn English and embrace us despite the fact that we see no reason to obey Mexican laws or pay taxes, and have his government provide health care, welfare, free education (in English) , terrorize his country’s citizens and maybe even become so politically active that we’ll influence his nation's politics THEN he can call it “migration.” After all, if he’s really concerned with “finding a fair, dignified way of dealing with migrants” then perhaps he should set the example for us to follow.

    Since I seriously doubt you have the will to deport the illegals at least do us the decency of treating them with the same contempt you’ve lavished on your own citizens.
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    1. I'm anticipating a response like, "that's not my job though"

    2. Is Amnesty in this case similar to Asylum? I work night shift at a hotel, and this german guy comes down and we debate politics. He says in Germany they have a program where all you have to do is claim asylum and the gov, no questions asked, pays all your expenses till they can investigate your case (usually takes 2 years he said) of whether you legitimately need asylum.

    3. I agree, having gotten a 346$ check from the IRS, which when cashed is then charged back to me with interest. I sent the check back 4 times, but it just keeps coming back. I claimed myself as a dependant the same year my mom did too, which caused some mix up that they apparently are unable to fix over the phone. The check is sitting on my mantle now.

    4. isn't that already the law?

    5. you'll get the response though that it's their culture they're preserving. we have a lot of Native Alaskans here and there was a local article about how the last known native speaking woman of some tribe just died, and with her went their language, and most of their oral traditions. What I don't understand is why they didn't write this stuff down?

    6. heard it before, he is for us, but he's not for us only. leader of the free world and all.

    7. i dunno, makes sense :)

    I would send this to my rep's and senators, but we don't have the same problem you lower 48'ers do ;)

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    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    But your senators and reps will be voting on bills that affect us. It wouldn't hurt them to feel a little pressure.
  4. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    If he considers himself the leader of the free world perhaps he should have been elected by the UN. Last I heard he called himself the President of the United States. Seems I also heard that the taxpayers of the United States are the one's paying his salary. Perhaps the Dimocraps thought they were voting on someone who would put the interest of foreigners ahead on U.S. interests but I always thought a major portion of the Federal government's job was to protect us...that's the U.S.
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    actually the democrats thought they were voting someone with the guts to not just knee-jerk into Bush's "america is the only real power in this world and eff anyone else"

    we need a diplomat and a leader, not just one or the other. I think he's walking a tight rope, and any time he comes out on a side that isn't ethnocentric he gets labeled a *****-commy lovin-socialist-antiamerica-proUN-foreigner.
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    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    So what are you saying? The truth hurts? :D
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  8. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    Okay, question from a web-dummy ... "NOH" means? :dunno:
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    Don't feel bad, i have no idea either. :dunno: I guess we is not the sharpest tool in the shed. :D
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    what the sheeple don't realize is America IS the only nation in the world that is free and they think it will be here forever even if they sit on their behinds and do nothing well thank the great spirit that the AZ.governor has the guts to do something about all the illegals i hope more will do the same the illegals are sucking up all our benefits and soon we wont have anything and America will just be another third world country
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    lol noh is just a longer version of no, pronounced with a "hhh" at the end

    sounds familiar to this (warning this link contains graphic text and some loud noises, not for the faint of heart, but hilarious none the less)
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    Can I get my library fine erased too? Seriously, next time I write I'm going to ask them NOT to reply. I get tired of the kiss-everyones-behind-at-once language.
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    I live in Texas, and we're ALMOST like Arizona...

    Our state is being taken over,and our government is giving 'entitlements' to encourage the take over...

    Our streets are being change to Mexican names; our post office has been changed to Mexican name, our businesses are in Mexican,and some malls' announcements are in Spanish...

    They are taking the good jobs that Americans, who have lost jobs, would have...and our property taxes to educate them is going out of sight...

    My oldest son is one for a job...

    We have to wait for hours in line at the hospitals because of soo many illegals...

    Now you can't go to any country,and receive free entitlements like they have...

    All our government needs to do is enforce the laws that already exist.

    Costs nothing to the taxpayers..

    Now I'm not against anyone coming to this country that wants/desires to become a true American citizen...

    My sister in law is from the Ukraine,and my friend is from Korea..

    They both pay and work to get their citzenship...

    Now our federal government is giving them kinder, gentler detention centers when they are picked up from ICE...

    Figure this...

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    A kinder, gentler detention center for illegal immigrants

    Several detention centers for illegal immigrants are introducing changes to make these places "less penal and more humane," the Houston Chronicle reports. A lot of these are aimed at the low-risk detainees, giving them longer visiting hours and more access to phone lines. And there will be more healthy food and more recreation opportunities, including movie nights, bingo and art classes in some places.

    An ICE spokesman says the point of these centers isn't punishment, but to hold people until they can be deported. A union representing ICE guards is unhappy about the changes, saying they put employees' safety at risk.

    Read more: Crime Scene KC ... z0qb5fJ73e