My pantry (root cellar) is shaping up

Discussion in 'General Food and Foraging Discussion' started by neldarez, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. neldarez

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    I don't know how to upload more than one pic at a time so I'm doing them singly




  2. OldCootHillbilly

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    Very nice! I gotta do some rearrangin, I'm runnin low on room, looks like yall got lots a storage there! Makes ya feel all warm an fuzzy when ya look at them shelves a fillin up don't it.

  3. neldarez

    neldarez Supporting Member

    I'm trying to delete where I copied the pic twice! Wow, I'm not real good at this........:)
  4. Tank_Girl

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    Well done!

    I love looking at other peoples preps and how they arrange things.
  5. Davarm

    Davarm Texan

    Way to go Ms Nelda, looking good!

    I'm going to have to build me one of those "Tornado Shelters", never know when a storm will hit!:D
  6. UncleJoe

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    Merged and removed double post. :)
  7. Country Living

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    I have root cellar envy. I want one. I want one a lot. I want one badly. Can't have one in our part of Texas. Bummer.
  8. Dixie

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    It's beautiful Neldarez!!! Love it...need more butter, lol.
    Wish I had a root cellar, best I can hope for is a space in the basement. Right now I'm using a small room that is the area for our future steps down into the basement. I really would like a root cellar separate from the house. Oh well, I can hope for one like you have.
  9. Gravlore

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    What are the dimensions? How deep underground? How did you do the build for your cellar?
  10. neldarez

    neldarez Supporting Member

    you're awesome! thanks so much.....posting pics is such a big job...ty

    Dang, that is so cool what you did, I don't know how to merge stuff like you just cut and paste? Thanks, looks much better.
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  11. semperscott

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    Looks great! Easy to see you have been busy!
  12. *Andi

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    That is a bummer ... can I ask why you can't have one. (many a reasons come to mind but thought I would ask. Thanks)
  13. neldarez

    neldarez Supporting Member

    I'll ask DH tomorrow about the specifics....we did this 14 yrs. ago....just cleaned it all up and did some repairs last year and started using it again. I know it's 8 x 20. This is a used container and had actually been at sea so we have fought smells that have been in it. This last year I painted all of the wood in it with deck paint,, that certainly helped a lot. I see today that a little mold is showing up in the back corner again, on the floor, I sprayed with bleach and as soon as it warms up a bit I'll repaint. This is buried under a cover but it still draws dampness. I'll post more facts about it tomorrow. DH goes to bed early and gets up early, I'm the night owl who doesn't get up early....:):sssh:
    It stays around 40 - 50 down there, we cover the ventilation pipe that he has coming up through the roof when it's terrible cold. We uncovered it today for some circulation. It was comfortable working down there today putting more stuff on the shelves, of course, I wore a coat...:)

    Why can't you have one? I don't understand, is it cuz your land is too rocky or something? Our place is almost pure sand.......
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  14. Bobbb

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    That's a nice cellar you have there Neldarez. Mighty nice indeed.

    You know, when I see so much food put away I get a warm, safe and content feeling and it's completely irrational because I've never suffered hunger from missed meals as a child, like kids from the Depression, and your pictures aren't of MY FOOD yet the feeling still emerges as I look at your pictures. The buckets have no effect on me, but those clear canning jars just scream food.

    I kind of get the same feeling when there is a raging storm outside and I'm warm and dry inside the house.

    I'll take a wild guess and predict that the water table is too high.

    Are the shelves secured to the wall to prevent tipping over in an earthquake?
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  15. Grimm

    Grimm There is a place in Hell for me...the THRONE.

    I am jealous. I know we'll get there with time.
  16. Prepper69

    Prepper69 Well-Known Member

    OMG I am sooooooo jealous!!!!!!! And sooooo far behind being any kind of prepared for our family :( I know it takes time and we only have been doing this for about 2 months now....but dang...that storage looks SWEET!!!!!

    I so need to do something different with ours...just trying to find places that are cool, and dark and I am running out of room :( I am trying to talk my husband into buying a small storage building and putting an ac/heater window unit in it....but...would need cash for that :(

    All in due time....
  17. Caribou

    Caribou Time Traveler

    The mold can be a real problem. We have had similar problems with our boats over the winter. You can get desiccant in quantity at marine stores but you will probably get a better price on the net.

    We also would build a small heater. We started with a scrap of plywood, screwed a ceramic light fixture (they are now available in plastic) to the board, then we cut both ends out of a three pound coffee can, painted the inside of the can black, and mounted the can using 3 L-brackets so as to have an inch or so of airspace around the bottom. Put this on the floor near the damp area and plug it in.

    You might want to consider using a paint like KILZ around the problem area.

    That is a really sweet setup.
  18. neldarez

    neldarez Supporting Member

    yes.......and each layer is anchored to the one below....DH put the plumbers strap around just in case, we still need to put something, a lip of a sort, on the top shelf. That is a new shelf that we just added...

    It started drawing some moisture 1 1/2 months ago and DH put the propane heater down there for a couple of days, that sure makes a difference. Our summers are quite hot and really really dry so that is never a problem....It just takes being diligent....we need to stay on top of it and fix anything that goes wrong as soon as we notice. It seems rather funny to see so much food when there is just the 2 of us, but our daughter and grandkids are no way prepared for hard times, they think it's funny if we even mention it, so we don't, we just do what we believe we should do...

    well don't are young and can do anything! I didn't share these pics to make anyone feel bad, gosh, that's the very last thing I would ever do, I really love seeing other folks pics on pantries, etc, so I thought I'd share ours.

    I think what you've been doing is awesome.......until I got onto this forum I didn't do squat! It's because of all of you guys that we even have anything put up....I agree with you, it's so hard to find a cool dark spot, we don't have any kind of basement so this is our only alternative...outside sheds don't work because our summers get so hot and in the winter stuff would freeze....... I would actually love to have a room built on the house and just keep the heat off but seems like a bit extreme when I'm in my 60s and DH just turned 70...
    We heat almost entirely with wood heat so it can get quite warm and then get chilly.......I can keep it cool in my craft room but in the summer I can't......underground was our best bet with what we had to work with. I love reading your posts and see what you've canned...we are all doing the best we can with what we've got.......:congrat:

    I kept thinking...what does she mean about the butter? I went back and looked at the pix and just cracked up! There are 2 rows of butter behind the leg of the could only see the 1 jar.........oh my gosh, that was so funny.........:laugh:
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  19. goshengirl

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    That. Is. Beautiful.

    I'm so impressed! Way to go, girlfriend! :2thumb:
  20. Trinka

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    I am so impressed! That is nice! No basement here or root cellar...we rent here so it's not in the future either.

    We own property 20 minutes away...had a house with basement, burnt..son was living there and now he lives I'm really happy/blessed we were already living here at the time...BUT I sure do miss that basement..