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    While I respect all veterans, my favorite is Navy Lieutentant Commander Roy G. Johnson.

    "ComJohn" as we knew him in my Naval Junior ROTC class in High School earned his bars after Pearl Harbor when he ran the Battleship NEVADA aground as it was sinking while making a run for the harbor mouth. Had it sank in the opening the fleet would have been bottled up and trapped. Of course they court martialed him first.

    In Korea he was a tugboat captain supporting the landings at Inchon. His tug ran aground (again) and he spent a lonely night in enemy territory on the beach until the tides floated him free.

    At Bikini Atoll he supported nuclear testing. There he was exposed to enough radiation to give him skin cancer which led to his death later in life.

    But to me he saved a high school kid, a kid out for trouble. He barked, he led, and he inspired. Thoughout my Army career, I often thought, "what would ComJohn do?". He led me wisely even after death and leads me to this day.

    Thinking of you today Skipper!
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    Did you know him personally?

  3. SurvivalNut

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    I knew him very well.

    I took High School Navy JROTC in grades 10,11&12 in the 1970's. Between Drill Team practice, classes and extracurriculars, I was with him as a mentor 2-3 hours per day.

    On weekends he often used to drive us over to the Port of Long Beach and drop a couple of us off for a weekend to grab a weekend mission on a ship. Heck, at 15 I was working and living onboard a navy ship! By drop us off, it was "see ya!" We took on responsibility and worked hard. Not something the military would exactly let us do now.

    Commander Johnson was like an adoptive father and I will always remember him.

    While I went into the Army instead, I also went from enlisted to officer and taught JROTC at a High School after retirement like him. He passed on a lot to us.