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My compost pile..........

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actually seems to be composting.
I know you old hand gardeners are laughing right now, but I am so excited.

I have posted a pic of my compost pile in my album here. It is basically an old dog pen, that had been recycled into a chicken pen. I was asking for a compost bin wall, and DH was tearing down the chicken pen anyway, so we moved it to a better spot and wired the 3 panels together. The front is open, and I actually though it was way too big when we first started it. Planned on having 2 separate piles side by side. Little did I know. I still don't have all the leaves raked up, and the entire bin is piled high. I know you are supposed to have more than just leaves in your pile, but that is 99% of my pile, so to stick a fork in it and see steam this morning, that just psyched me up and made me want to start planting.
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If you need to add nitrogen to your soil, chicken manure has the highest nitrogen content of any livestock animal. I just found that out today at the Pa. Farm Show. Add your dirty bedding to your compost bin.
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