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My compost pile..........

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actually seems to be composting.
I know you old hand gardeners are laughing right now, but I am so excited.

I have posted a pic of my compost pile in my album here. It is basically an old dog pen, that had been recycled into a chicken pen. I was asking for a compost bin wall, and DH was tearing down the chicken pen anyway, so we moved it to a better spot and wired the 3 panels together. The front is open, and I actually though it was way too big when we first started it. Planned on having 2 separate piles side by side. Little did I know. I still don't have all the leaves raked up, and the entire bin is piled high. I know you are supposed to have more than just leaves in your pile, but that is 99% of my pile, so to stick a fork in it and see steam this morning, that just psyched me up and made me want to start planting.
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Remember to "stir" the pile on a regular basis. This will help prevent rats and hornets from nesting in the pile and attacking you when you approach it. It also helps prevent the pile from bursting into flames. Decomposition causes heat which in turn can cause a fire. Stirring helps get rid of hot pockets and reduces the risk of a compost fire. Very important if your pile is near something that could burn - like a shed or something.
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