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Food:Okay, I'll admit it, there is no "real" food whatsoever here. It's all my favorite.

Drink: Lots of water in bottles.

First Aid: I love my little Ultralight First Aid Kit.

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Tools: Swiss Army Knife, Kershaw Machette, Good Quality Axe

Maps and Travel Information: Local Maps and notepads and pencil/pen.

Clothing: My undies and socks and clothes!

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Communication: I have a windup AM/FM Radio. Cell Phone/Cell Phone Charger.

Lighting: My windup LED flashlight and my Brinkmann LED flashlight

Shelter: Tarps, Rope, Space Blanket, Tube Tent.

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What my wife recommends we should pack, well! She is the expert. We married last year and I am coming to the US from the UK in 1 week now.
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