My BOB. What should I fix?

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  1. lexsurivor

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    Heres some pics of my BOB. Feel free to critique any and all advice wanted.
    Also if you want to post a picture of your BOB.

    Note: The air rifle, blow gun,Bow, and slingshot would be divided between 4 people. Also the empty can is to cook food over a fire.
    Not pictured: Blow gun darts ,Clothes, and a fishing rod that breaks down into 1' long pieces. And my everyday carry knives. (3)

    Items list
    8 bottles of water
    camel back with cover
    clear refillable water bottle
    cotton balls (firestarting)
    paper towels(firestarting)
    Clorox wipes and germex in a bag
    shampoo (hotel kind)
    body wash (hotel kind)
    hand sanitizer
    watch batteries
    swiss army type knife
    1 disposable lighter
    1 refill able lighter
    magnesium fire starter
    4 rolls of steel wool
    2 9 volt batterys
    2 bottles of super glue
    Led light
    knife sharpener
    waterproof bag
    water purifyer
    chafer fuel can
    empty can for cooking
    3 small jif singles
    1 jar of jif
    2 bags of beef jerky
    3 cups of apple sauce
    2 cans of vienna sausage
    6 water flavorers with protein and electrolytes
    3 fruit roll ups
    2 cliff bars
    1 fiber bar
    3 granola bars
    2 small candles
    shoe goo
    2 compasses 1 with built in thermometer
    spanish to english dictionary
    mosquito net
    grass net (the type you put over new grass seeds) (it makes a great fishing net)
    shower curtain(water collection)
    map of U.S.A
    50 feet of para cord
    some nylon cord
    2 bungee cords
    hoodie string
    small tarp
    large tarp
    garbage bags
    2 decks of playing cards
    space blanket
    William Johnstone Book
    composition notebook
    pens and pencils
    2500 bbs

    2nd picture
    pump air rifle
    2500 bbs
    300 pellets
    ball barrings for slingshot

    This is my BOB. My mom, brother, and dad have theirs.
    It weighs only 55lbs.

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  2. lexsurivor

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  3. DJgang

    DJgang I put SAs on IGNORE!

    Collaspable water bucket...your mom or dad may already have this... I see the shower curtain for water collection but....


    And maybe a couple of Hormel Compleats , narrow, real food and easy to carry..

    That's all i can think of!

    Good job!
  4. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    Ill have to get some of those hormel compleats.
    Also I just added two cans of hormel chille.
    How many days worth of food and water do you think I have?
  5. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    Also I plan on Bugging in if situation allows but I realize that we might not be able to bug in and will have to bug out.
  6. tacprep

    tacprep Aequo Animo

    4 days worth of food is about my standard when im hiking, any more than that and youll be pretty loaded down
  7. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    About how much does it look like I have in my bag.
  8. Elinor0987

    Elinor0987 Supporting Member

    So far you're doing well with the items in your bag. Have you considered getting a pair of binoculars? They can be bought for a reasonable price. If you're ever in a situation where you would have to leave your home and travel during an emergency, it would be a useful thing to have in your BOB.
  9. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    I have 2 sets of binoculars ad one spotting scope. I plan on straping th lighter binoculars on and the scope i I have to BO but I use them too much to have them always in the pack. They both have caes with loops so I can easily attatch them with a carabiner.
  10. RevWC

    RevWC The Future?

    BOB looks pretty thorough! My thoughts are to upgrade your rifle to a 22 LR. Pellet gun is good at close range only.
  11. DJgang

    DJgang I put SAs on IGNORE!

    I would say you have only two days worth of food. Especially if you will be hiking and burning calories.
  12. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    I need to buy a bigger pack. I found one at walmart that my dad has for 30$
    Its held up well and its double the size of the one I hsve now.
    What food should I put in once I get my new pack.
  13. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    How many days of water do I have with
    8 watter bottles
    a camel pack
    and a standard size refillable bottle
  14. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Hey Lex- a couple days ago some friends and I went for a 9 mile hike. I was wearing jeans (not shorts) and boots (and of course a tshirt) and carrying a standard school type backpack containing only 5 bottles of Propel and a few granola bars. It was 90°plus and I drank all but one of the Propels and was still thirsty. It's surprising how much water you need when it's extremely hot and you're on the move.

    On the other hand, it's REALLY surprising how much water you need when it's NOT hot and you're working hard or walking fast/long distance.

    Your pack is really impressive, but as a thought, carry a water filter instead of a whole mess of water-it's lighter and you can make your own potable water as you need it.
  15. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    I have water purifier but I might get a water filter today.
    Thanks for all the advice everybody.
  16. lexsurivor

    lexsurivor Well-Known Member

    Also the refillable water bottle has 800 ml.
    So I have about 9.5 water bottles.
  17. dahur

    dahur Well-Known Member

    Some things I've got in mine, that I didn't see in yours:

    Boxes of wooden matches in plastic baggies. 3 or 4 MRE's. T-paper.

    hand cranked radio. hand cranked flashlight. small spade. pencil sharpener.
    Fishing line, bait in the jar, sinkers, bobber or two, hooks.

    Your mosquito net is great idea, I'm adding that to mine.
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  18. Husker

    Husker Member

    I recently purchased a second pack - I have six members of my family and could not store all of our kit items in one backpack. I was able to pick up a used military large sized ALICE pack w/frame for $25 including shipping off of ebay. The pack came in very good condition from a military surplus store in Tulsa.

    Now I am trying to find a way to best organize the items between the two packs.

    Good luck!
  19. DJgang

    DJgang I put SAs on IGNORE!

    That was a good buy on the Alice pack. I'm off to look at eBay!
  20. Husker

    Husker Member

    It took me awhile to find that good of a deal on a large ALICE pack. Most I saw were in the $40 range, unless you wanted one that was showing more wear.

    For Father's Day, I had asked my wife to give me a gift certificate to Canfields, and outdoor sporting / surplus store here in Omaha. She gave me the cash instead, which was a blessing. I have found that I can find much better pricing if I shop around and wait for good items on ebay. Nothing but good experiences the last couple months shopping for camping / survival equipment. The sellers I have used have been good to deal with.