My biggest Iron pump in a while

Discussion in 'Exercise' started by BlueZ, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. BlueZ

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    My biggest Iron pump in a while..
    Was behind a bit this week (had done only 1 workout all week, a "firemans") what with the move and all..
    So I got to the Gym on Saturday and it was nice and empty decided to combine my two basic iron pumps which are a functional compound muscle "Firemans workout " which is pulling, leg and core centric and what I call my "weapons handling workout" which is very shoulder centric. So if I may brag a little here it went:
    2 Sets of close arm pull ups (an enabler for climbing)
    2 Sets of squats (enabler marching w/ load)
    2 sets of assisted wide arm pull ups (climbing enabler)
    3 sets of Clean and jerks
    3 sets of bent over rows
    2 sets of sit ups
    2 sets of seated angled military press (dumbell)
    2 sets of angled bench press (dumbell)
    3 sets of lateral raises
    7 sets of frontal raises to repeat muscle failure (enabler; speedy and/or extended weapons handling)
    2 sets of back extensions (enabler for moving fast+low)
    2 sets of weighted calf raises (body weight +100lbs), (hills enabler)
    Exercises cut were: Dips (I was always good at them but my last 2 injuries were from them, so I am cutting them until I am back down to 200lbs, which will be a while), deadlifts (time and disc concern), hip adductions/abductions (time concern + the machine they have at this gym is terrible+loose)
    Took me about 80 minutes.
    Tomorrow Ruck March w/ 40 lb load.
    Not quite back in active duty shape yet but getting there. :partydance:
  2. Flight1630

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    You work to hard. Me on the other hand sit on my butt all day long lol

  3. BlueZ

    BlueZ Supporting Member

    Well I had to make up for the slow week in PT due to new job etc.

    Also today did my Ruckmarch.. which brings me to the absolute acceptable minimum for me of 3 workouts per week.
  4. camo2460

    camo2460 Supporting Member

    Blue you may not be satisfied with your conditioning yet, but I bet you're still a Beast.
    Keep up the good work.
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  5. Tweto

    Tweto I love the smell of Argon in the morning

    I'm working through some medical issues right now and exercise to me is just going shopping at Walmart.
  6. BlueZ

    BlueZ Supporting Member

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Though I feel it takes me 3-4 months of 6 workouts a week to enter the beast stage . ... usually that means 3 planned cardios plus 3 planned iron pumps per week.

    And something always happens you miss one.. so realistically maintaining 5 workouts per week is a decent goal.

    Luckily my entire life my HGH levels must have been fairly high because I always seemed to be able to get strong with significantly fewer exercises than my peers in the military.

    As I get older I am sure those HGH levels are dropping but so far not catastrophically.
    The main difference I notice is its easier to get injured as I get older and in the past 3-4 years I been thrown back in my PT by injury 3 or 4 times..

    The sad thing is when I was relatively younger all the way up to 40..I seemed completely immune to injury..Did high injury risk exercises (like dips, sprints at freezing temps in shorts w/o warm-up etc) to repeat muscle failure w/o any issues ever .

    Never understood what my peers in the military were fussing about "avoiding exercise injury"... I thought maybe they were just weak.

    Pulled my first hamstring at age 47 sprinting in subfreezing temps in shorts w/o bothering with warmups.
    Until then I never even knew I could pull a hamstring.
    Was still in the .mil and in really good shape back then..... Now that I think about it I never been in the same shape again since..

    Also it just seems to take longer each time to get back to where I was.. So been careful about it this year.
    Started again in early march and been pretty good about maintaining 3-5 per week since then except for a week here or there travelling..

    My cardio was finally coming up quite nicely by mid August as I noticed my runs were getting consistently faster and were actually starting to turn into proper runs instead mere jogs...but have not IDed a good running route or routine since I moved here so my cardio last 3 weeks has been limited......but on my ruckmarch today I found a route away from traffic I can also use to run and that starts at my house.
    I'll alternate runs and ruckmarches from now on, hopefully it works out.

    I am no longer a civilian on an armed and deployable team as of this month.. but ironically my new boss has signalled he will be much more open to me exercising during lunchtime (which realistically always means going over lunchtime) than my previous boss..

    We'll see..
  7. Tirediron

    Tirediron RockyMountainCanadian

    training program is great. most people only train if they have too.
    Be careful with your joints as you get older, I have some pretty bad joint wear and wreckage from not minding the limits when I was younger.
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  8. Sentry18

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    I have somewhat recently decided that it's time to slow down on pushing heavy free weights and purchased a bowflex. I have adjusted my workout from gains to maintenance/endurance and added in lap swimming for cardio. After 30 years of lifting weights 3-4x a week it's been quite an adjustment but I don't feel like I am losing anything but the occasional soreness and clicking in my left elbow.
  9. LincTex

    LincTex Jack of all trades?

    Same here... I'm 45 and still have a pretty good physique, and still maintain a lot of muscle mass, but my joints and tendons just can't take it like they used to.
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  10. Balls004

    Balls004 Not new, just older

    Age and old injuries definitely will slow down your training regimen if you push it like you were still in your twenties. I started back seriously last November, because the young pups that I instruct were challenging me to run the on-site obstacle course with them and while I could still do it at 56, I couldn't keep up with them.

    Luckily, a couple of the medics and some others my age gave me advise to start back by being smart and not to aggravate the old injuries trying to do lifts that you could work around. It still isn't easy, but there haven't been any interruptions in my training schedule due to re-injury. It is worthwhile to look into a personal trainer who can help you come up with a program that works for you and any issues you might have from your younger days.

    Today, some of the kids have to push themselves to beat the old man on the O course!
  11. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    I took last week off from the gym because my body was asking for a break and we got a puppy that seriously disrupted my routine and sleep. Headed back today. I do a 5 day split of free weights and do 70 minutes after weightlifting on the exercise bike. Takes about 3 hours. Then I play tennis for a couple hours 2-3 times a week and do about a 5.3 mile trail run with a challenging elevation change on Sunday mornings. Adding in a lot of dog walking now. Took me a long time to build up to that but lost 75 lbs in the process. Excited to get back to it today. Just dont feel right when I dont exercise now.

    Good job bluez. Keep it up and run those young guys into the ground :)
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  12. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    This woman is the oldest gymnist in the world. I think stretching and low or body weight lifting is one of the best exercises there is. She has competed since 1934!

    She is 91 and you won't believe what she can do and the muscular strength she has.
  13. BlueZ

    BlueZ Supporting Member

    I might as well give another update:

    just did another ruck march today during lunchtime at work..
    This is on the heels on Sundays ruck march and of course Saturdays doubled up iron pump.

    The ruck march on Sunday seemed too easy so I added another 1.5 lbs to the ruck and on the route itself today I marched up and down the side ditches to get my legs competent under load with realistic all terrain angles.
    Also added 20 yards worth of lunges 3 times.

    Definitely feeling it tonite.. very very light pain in right knee and very light inflammation feeling on left tibula fubula (sp?)
    But both resolved by tonite so hopefully nothing bad...

    Am taking tommorrow off completely from legs.

    tomorrow a upper body "push and weapons control" session probaly after work so I dont push it on the new job... should be just 45 min in the gym

    Wednesday a light run...
    Thursday off.

    Friday heavy all around core/legs/pulls weights but not doubled up with "weapons control" like last Saturday.
    Saturday off
    Sunday all day at the pistol range..

    Hopefully I can keep this up w/o injury.. I been slowly building up since spring so hopefully that will have strengthened the tendon/joints to transition to a higher level workout regimen again.
    Taking anti-inflammatories after every meal last few days as I turn it up a notch.
  14. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    Ibuprofen is a gift from God himself :)
  15. BlueZ

    BlueZ Supporting Member

    Taking today off. Tommorrow a run.
  16. Magus

    Magus Scavenger deluxe

    I threw my back out just reading this.:eek:
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  17. musketjim

    musketjim Well-Known Member

    I love reading about peoples workouts, especially those of us who are "mature" adults.:D Keep on working out however you can. I cycle powerlifting and ultra endurance training and add functional movements as I can. Keep up all the good work.:partydance:
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  18. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Well-Known Member

    I saw a t-shirt once that said "Welcome to adulthood. I hope you like ibuprofen."
  19. BlueZ

    BlueZ Supporting Member


    Did the run today.. I lost some speed compared to 1 month ago when I was starting to come into my own... due to travel/ new job I did not run for a month.. just occasional weights and/or ruckmarch..

    Still ran 45 minutes in 91 F weather today on a mostly shadeless route.
    Tomorrow a repeat of the workout listed in the beginning of this thread ...

    But I will pull back a bit on the multiple frontal raises sets and add 2 moderate deadlift sets and 2 sets each of hip adduction and hip abduction (even tho i dont like their machine I cant skip them in perpetuity)

    PS: I am 50.
  20. BlueZ

    BlueZ Supporting Member

    I guess I keep updating..:)

    Today did:

    2 sets of tight arm pull ups
    2 sets of wide arm pullups ( assisted)
    2 sets of squats
    2 sets of hip adductions
    2 sets of hip abductions
    2 sets of clean and jerks
    3 sets of bent over rows
    2 sets of angled dumbbell bench press
    2 sets of dumbell bench press
    3 sets of lateral raises
    5 sets of frontal raises
    2 sets of back extensions.

    The situps were skipped unintentionally ( I simply forgot) the dips and (in the end) the deadlifts which would historically be part of this routine were skipped intentionally.
    Seated Leg Press was due near the end but skipped due to time constraints as were calf raises, still in the end a decent workout for a lunch hour I think.

    I really hurried thru this routine and did it in about 45 minutes, which gave me a cardio effect too ( but increased injury risk)

    So I am so far at 2 cardios this week (one run and one ruckmarch) and 2 Iron pumps (today and Tuesday). Tomorrow .. One more run and Sunday all day at the range ( which is a mild workout of its own IMHO)

    Some of you may ask.. "BlueZ why do you only do 2 sets for most of your exercises instead of the gold standard 3 sets?"

    this is why:

    a) For me historically 2 sets has usually been enough to initiate useful muscle growth. As many exercises incur wear on joints/discs/tendons if I can accomplish a workout goal w/ 2 rather than 3 sets I will do it.
    b) Since I do more exercises per session than most I have a lot of overlap ..a muscle may be primarily initiated in one exercise but also worked in others.. the overlap effectively adds an extra set or two in my mind.
    c) muscle groups that are not or only poorly workred in other exercises get extra sets. Or if they are a focus area of mine. Example is frontal raises for weapons handling. CAUTION: This many raises can only be done if you are used to raises. Otherwise this many sets increases your injury risk exponentially, please consider if you are copying my workout to stay at 2 or 3 sets of slowly executed raises (lateral and frontal). Rotator cuffs are among the most easily injured muscle groups and among the slowest healing. So do NOT attempt 5 sets of frontal raises to muscle failure unless u are used to working shoulders.
    d) Time management is sometimes another reason. Staying at 2 sets allows me execute more distinct exercises in the same amount of time. I am not trying to body build but hit as may areas of the body top to bottom as possible in a given time frame.