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Food: 2 MRES, 6 snickers bars, 6 packages of pasta or rice based meals, 2 cans of sardines, 2 ramen noodle packs, large bag of trail mix with fruit and chocolate.

Drink: several bottles of water, life straw, water purification tabs

First Aid: Kit that can handle most basic injuries. Usual meds, my prescriptions.

Tools: Survival knife, hatchet, spare mini multi tool, glowsticks, paracord, fish hooks, fire starting tools

Maps and Travel Information: Local map, state map, compass.

Clothing: Complete change of clothes plus 2 pair of spare socks and underwear

Communication: Shouting? Smoke signals? The lights?

Lighting: glow sticks, candles, LED headlamp

Shelter: Emergency shelter sleeping bag. Tarp and cord for shelter building.

My current system is divided between three things. Vest, fanny pack, core kit. My mindset is do not want to go into my pack except at camp so I probably carry more than I should on my person. Working so far.

My vest; 6 pockets of goodies to keep around.

Bottom left: Pair of glowsticks and my headlamp. The lamp is inside a bag with it\'s batteries.
2 safety pins are pinned to the outside of the pocket.

Middle left:; water purification tabs and a magnesium flint steel kit, butane lighter, and waterproof case full of matches. .

Top left has One pocket up I have my map pack and pinned to the zipper is a compass. Pocket holds a local map and a state map.

Right bottom has: about 10 feet of paracord

Right middle is a mini pocket that fits a tiny candle and pack of regular matches Plastic wrapped.

Right top holds Trail mix and has a multitool pinned to it.

I wear a fanny pack:

It has 2 pockets and two outer water bottle that are just over a pint apiece.

Inner pocket has 4 large size snickers bars, life straw, and an emergency sleeping SOL sleeping bag.

Outer pocket has two glow sticks. And a mirror.

My pack.

Knife and wood saw to go immediately on my belt. All the food, and several more water bottles/future containers wrapped in duck tape. The hatchet, a complete change of clothes, med kit, and the tarp.

Outer pockets hold my core fire kit with emergency tinder (vaseline soaked magnesium infused cotton balls) , some tp, a bag of varying cordage, a hard canteen, a plastic box (which can hold water or whatever)

That covers most of it I can think of without raiding it and doing a inventory. Sure I\'ve forgotten something.
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