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    Watched a few days ago---still don't know what was offensive!!

    I would think most visiting here would know this info already..very informative!! Even if you don't have money for gold and silver...get what supplies you can for your families.:eek:

    It isn't gonna get any easier...for even those on welfare, assistance, food stamps, there is Ramen noodles, beef and chicken bullions, egg noodles, and instant milk.

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    I've watched this guy for years now... he's always been dead-on!

    Anybody here that doesn't watch this video is pretty foolish!

    He talks about 6 months of supplies on hand and a rural retreat, plus moving all one's money to safer method of investing.

    I've been slowly doing this stuff for the last 35 years in anticipation of today!

    In 2009 I put all my life's savings into silver at $10.75/oz... it is now at $30.25/oz and he hints it is going up over $125/oz this year!

    Man, I shoulda hocked the homestead!

    Buckle up and listen up... time is short.
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    It that thing on youtube or is there a way to fast forward,rewind it? I normally have a little progress bar at the bottom of a vid, but all I can do with this is pause it. Is there a way to download it? I have spotty internet and when I get dropped I have to start all over. Thanks
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    Strange video,huh..I had to pause a few times and come back to it.
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    Even with my connection I had a hard-time watching the video. Looking at it, it looks like it is a flash-video hosted on a bit of a private site and the video seized up as well. When I went to close the site, it asked me if I was sure that I wanted to, I hit cancel and the entire story showed-up in .txt format making it so that I could read the whole article instead of listening to it.