Muslims exempt from Health Care Requirement?

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  1. gypsysue

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    I got this email "forward" today. Does anyone know if it's true? I'm speechless with shock, if it is:

    It didn't give a source, so I assume it's something someone wrote up specifically as a "forward", but hopefully they did their research.
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  2. mosquitomountainman

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    If this is true, I wonder if they're exempt from purchasing auto liablility insurance?

  3. Asatrur

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    While I am not happy about this, I have to ask if in addition to Muslim/Islam there are other religions that are exempted how is the second statement below accurate? I do happen to care and am fighting the massive gubernmint takeover currently occurring, but statements like this only breed hatred and creates false fissures between folks when we need to be trying to bridge gaps and build community.

  4. gypsysue

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    mn_homesteader: that was posted by me but not written by me. I think whoever wrote the "forward" I got might be kind of a "muslim-phobe". The facts might have been exagerated in the sense that the Health Care Bill might have a provision where people are exempted for "religious reasons", and like you hear on some Extreme Far Right or Far Left Talk Radio programs, someone ran with that and started screaming about the Muslim thing, either knowing or assuming something about their religion and how it pertains to the Health Care Bill.

    That's just a guess. Why I posted the thing is because I hoped someone out there had more information on the subject. Is there anything that specifically exempts MUSLIMS, or is this a general thing which possibly excludes Muslims from the requirement?

    I don't know how many Christian Scientists there are in the U.S., but I know they're a lot more quieter and non-violent than the Muslims. Not that it has anything to do with them or any groups having rights over other groups.

    What I do know (or think I do!:)) is that if someone doesn't put a stop to some of these things, the future will be unpleasant (to put it mildly).
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  5. idragrace

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    This is the response from

    Health Care bill Exempts Moslems and Establishes Moslem Jurisdiction in the U.S.-Fiction!

    Summary of the eRumor:
    This is a forwarded warning that HR-3590 or "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’’ establishes Dhimmitude or a status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule and Shri'ah in the United States. The eRumor says this is because Islam forbids followers from purchasing insurance.

    The Truth:
    There is a provision for Religious Conscience Exemption in the HR-3590 health care bill that was signed into law by President Obama but there is no Muslim restriction against the purchase of health insurance. Members of some religious organizations may claim a Religious Conscience Exemption if their sects meet the conditions by having a health care sharing ministry that is exempt from taxation under section 501(a). For more please click here for finding on the HR-3590.

    Health insurance and life Insurance are two different products. According to the Islam online web site, there are a variety of views toward religious restrictions toward life insurance and investing because it is looked upon as gambling but no evidence was found of any restrictions toward Muslims purchasing medical, home owners and automobile policies.

    Dhimmitude is a term defined as "the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system," according to the web site.

    updated 04/20/10
  6. alanz

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    I know the Amish are exempt. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be happier living the Amish life.
  7. kogneto

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    good research idragrace

    also, hopefully is to be full of hope, not to hope
  8. gypsysue

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    Thanks, idragrace, for researching this.

    Regarding the Amish...are you sure they're exempt? They're exempt from paying in to Social Security since they "take care of their own". They do go to regular doctors and hospitals, so do they pay "cash as they go", and as a group therefore don't have to have insurance? Obviously car insurance isn't an issue for them! As a community they probably all pitch in money to pay the medical bills if someone gets something big like cancer?

    I suspected the Bill didn't specifically mention Muslims as being exempt. The radical fringes have a tendency to take possibilities or suspicions and run with it, not to start a stream of posts from people who take offense to my comment...