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  1. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    What band/artists do you listen to?

    I'm mostly stuck in the 60's / 70's still ... Don Williams, Johnny Cash, Merele Haggard, Captain Beefheart, Beatles, Kinks ..
  2. CVORNurse

    CVORNurse Well-Known Member

    At work, the doctor I work with the most is stuck on Regae right now. We listen to XM's The Joint. His partner likes to listen to the Pops channel, so we sometimes get a classical break.

    Me, I listen to anything. Like the Eagles, AC/DC( highway to hell is my ringtone for my coworkers), Johnny Cash, Allan Jackson, Kenny Chesney. Also some of Kid Rock, especially his ballads. Amy Winehouse. You get the picture I guess. I really am not too fond of hardcore rap, but that is probably my only true dislike.

  3. coinguy

    coinguy Guest

    Alive and well and living in the 60's as well! Doors, Who, Guess Who...that sort of thing. Mostly either before or just after my younger wife was born. She just doesn't understand it - or me sometimes either! :D

    At one point in my life, I used to take part of the Mama's and Papa's out shooting. But that was a LONG time ago.........

  4. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Took Mama Cass shooting?
  5. Fetthunter

    Fetthunter Ready for Doomsday!

    I'll listen to anything from Django Reinhardt, to 40s big band, to 50s and 60s rock (Buddy Holly/Chuck Berry/Duane Eddy/Ventures/Byrds), to 80s pop and rock, to 90s grunge and alternative. I even like classical and new age. I don't handle country and rap well, though I do like doo-wop and 60s R&B...

    I'm a BIG fan of Pink Floyd/David Gilmour. I've been playing guitar since 1988, so many of my faves are guitar-heavy bands. :D

    And hey, I have several acoustic guitars, so in the event of no power, I can still play! ;)
  6. fonts

    fonts Member

    ...hey out there :) ...newb Sahara owner from JeepForums out in the sticks... far as music, it has been a lifelong passion for me and I presently have a 24 track digital audio workstation set up in my basement studio where I record original compositions :cool: ... main instrument is guitar, but there are plenty of toys here like drum kit, Yamaha S-90, Fender Jazz bass, and et cetera...

    ...I am mostly a bluesman but have torn it up with a ton of hard rock in the 70's and beyond...

    ...this looks like an interesting place as a y2k preparer :eek: ha ha ha I still keep an eye on things ;) ...
  7. coinguy

    coinguy Guest

    No, she had already died, but Denny Doherty could handle a 1911 pretty good, and members of the back-up band loved the sub gun type stuff.

    Hey, it got me into concerts free, and an occasional party. Almost landed on top of Makenzie Phillips one time will coming down a ladder. And Spankie McFarland sure didn't figure I was part of their scene I guess. She kept asking 'who the hell' I was at a party one time.

    Ah, the good ol' days

  8. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Spanky and Our Gang! A band I haven't heard in ages.
  9. carnut1100

    carnut1100 Well-Known Member

    My biggest thing is Supertramp. Got all their albums and love them.
    Also Beatles and a few other old time goodies.
    Like easy listening stuff like Harry Chapin, Don Maclean, even a bit of James Taylor.
    Love John Denver, a bit of Johnny Cash and some Australian country music.
    Love Aussie Colonial Folk music and Irish Folk music.
    Good old Bluegrass and banjo stuff sometimes....
    And if I am in the right mood then Jazz or Classical.
  10. C.Winslow

    C.Winslow Guest

    Classic Rock: Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Doors, Jimi
    Grunge/Rock: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies, Tool, APC
    Ska: Sublime, Pepper
    Indy: Cake, Kings of Leon,

    Those are some of my personal favorites!
  11. Deon

    Deon Guest

    I love me some Michael Franti and Spearhead!
  12. Kashmir

    Kashmir Guest

    Black Sabbath!!!!
  13. billinthehills

    billinthehills member

    I listen to anything from Earth Wind and Fire to Pantera to Hank williams SR. to Ice T. I like it all. Got roughly 1000 cd's fom all genres.
  14. dunappy

    dunappy Well-Known Member

    Almost anything County, bluegrass, and New Orleans Jazz, Celtic music and some oldies ( 50s to early 60's rock)
  15. SimpleMan

    SimpleMan Guest

    Pantera has become a classic in my opinion!
  16. wd4nyl

    wd4nyl Member

    Anything from ABBA to Mozart to Dwight Yoakum to ZZ Topp.

    But, please no rap & hip hop. Oh Please...;-(
  17. poolboy

    poolboy Guest

    This is my favorite song: [ame=]YouTube - Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up[/ame]
  18. Samoan

    Samoan Guest

    LOL---Dwight Yoakum to ZZ Top huh?! HAHA Great variety there!
  19. skip

    skip Old hillbilly

    I listen to almost anything except opera and rap/hiphop. but my all time favorite to sit and listen is bluegrass
  20. hague720

    hague720 Member

    Typing this listening to Creedance Clearwaters Greatest - Born on the Bayou:D

    Who , Hendrix ,, Doors , The Band , Levon Helm (Ole Dirt Farmer),Ry Cooder (Slide stuff) , Carlos Nakai, mostly stuff that was around when i was three or four years old - missus says im weird , born in the wrong decade!!:rolleyes:

    Cheers , Thomas , North Wales , UK