MSA Millennium Facepiece and CBRNE Filter - Small

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    This is a new mask that has never been worn.

    A flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens with a wide field of vision is bonded to the durable Hycar rubber facepiece. A drinking tube provides connection for fluid ingestion in contaminated atmospheres. An internal nose cup with two check valves deflects air from the lens and reduces fogging. A fully elastic, six-point head harness promotes easy on/off and adjustment, with no hair pulling. A standard mechanical speaking diaphragm is included, or MSA’s optional ESP® II communications system can be added.

    The dual-canister mount allows weapon sighting from either shoulder. The Millennium CBRN gas mask is designed to be used as a system, and while the thread and gasket meet the specifications of the standard, only MSA-manufactured components are tested and certified as assemblies.

    Testing conducted by MSA and independent laboratories
    Flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens with wide field of vision to durable Hycar rubber face piece
    Fit and ease of use when escaping from nuclear, biological or chemical agents
    Fully elastic, six-point head harness
    Internal nosecup with two check valves deflects air from the lens, reduces fogging
    Dual-canister mount
    Drinking tube
    Standard mechanical speaking diaphragm


    MSA CBRN Filter
    Part Number 10046570
    CBRN CAP 1


    Price $200 Shipped. Mask will come with one CBRN CAP 1 Filter with a Use Before Date of 11/10 (See Pic Above) Filters are New In Box.

    PM with any questions and for payment and shipping info. Thanks