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    well the economy finally hit my family in such a way that i need to move with my kids, mom and all that.
    i had been renting a lovely home in a small town in MN but when i had trouble making rent this month the landlord went panic and got an eviction order.
    i just got back from court and didn't get much of a reprieve as the landlord was ultra insistent to take possession of the house.
    gosh i was only 10 days late! so that tells me that the landlord probably hasn't been paying the mortgage? what else could it be?
    so landlord is demanding three months rent (suspicious eh?) and the judge granted it and i have to have that amount by 4pm tomorrow or else.
    i kid you not.
    i am seriously thinking this landlord is not being up front about things and so am seriously thinking of just selling what i can and move on.
    i have no where to go for certain but do have a unique opportunity to purchase some undeveloped land of 5 acres for only 500 down and about 150 a month.
    i am going to go look at it as it is 3 hours from me but it would be a nice break from everything.
    it is in northern minnesota.
    anyone have any advice or thoughts on doing something like that?
    perhaps i can find a mobile home to put on it but i need to see if there is a well there or not.
    anyway would love any feedback.
  2. Sourdough

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    Not enough information to be giving advise on. However, sorry for you troubles, and best of luck in the future.

  3. NaeKid

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    Ummm .. or else what? Was this the first time you have ever been late for the payment or has this been an ongoing thing?

    If there is going to be a lock-smith about to change the locks on the house with all your stuff inside, I would highly recommend that you find a storage-locker and move everything that is precious to you out as fast as you can. That will give you time to locate a new place to live. Its summer, so, you would be good to "camp-out" for a little while.

    I don't know what the laws are like in the US, but, here in Canada, there is a law that states that a renter can be late (or missed entirely) upto 3 times before an eviction-notice can be served. The laws here protect the renter more than the land-owner, and, many renters know that and take full advantage of that fact. Its almost as if our laws encourage dead-beats. :gaah:

    I have a friend who is evicting his tenants this weekend. Third time was the charm and they missed their last payment. The original deal was for the renters to become owners, they just needed to be current on all the bills (utilities, rent) and the house would be their's free-n-clear after 5 years. They couldn't even do that much, so, the house is going to be emptied out and sold on the open market and the banks will have to deal with the new people that move in, not him.
  4. gypsysue

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    Check out such things as property tax before you buy. Find out how soon the tax goes up when you move onto it. When we bought ours, the property tax was very low, and when we actually moved onto it, the taxes went up 5 times the original amount. Still low here, compared to most places, but it's another thing to check out.

    Will you be able to live without water and electricity until you can afford to put those in? Some people (like us) live happily for years with out them. Hauling water can sometimes be an annoyance. If you put a mobile or any other kind of shelter, you can collect rainwater for baths, laundry, dishes, etc., which reduces how much drinking water you need to haul.

    Look over the contract and all paperwork really good. Read everything. If there are things you don't understand, find someone (not the seller) to read it too and help figure it out. Make sure you, your money, and your improvements are protected and that you are reasonably certain you can meet all the requiremnts of keeping up payments, etc., until it's paid off.

    Best wishes! It could be the beginning of a lot of fun and adventure! Ya never know!
  5. mosquitomountainman

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    Good thing Owe-bama is looking out for us little guys from Washington D.C., creating all those jobs and being sure that the big guys don't take advantage of the little guys...:gaah:

    Be sure to check for covenants, access, mineral rights, and easements as well as who takes care snow plowing and road maintenance.

    While I'm sorry for the trouble you're experienceing it could also be the start of something great.
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    eviction generally gives you 30 days to get out. He wants 3 months rent? For what? Do you owe 3 months of back rent? If you haven't been able to pay the rent you sure don't need to make a long term commitment to pay by buying property - especially if you need to relocate to find a good and dependable income. Find someplace cheap to rent with a short term lease while you get your financial house in order. When you have a few thousand dollars in the bank you will be better prepared to look for a better lease or property to buy. When you are reeling from eviction and lost income you aren't really emotionally ready to look at all the options of long term commitment. It would be like getting married the week after a divorce. take your time. Get a short term rental and breath a little first.....
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    5 acres for only 500 down and about 150 a month.
    that sounds to good to be true but how much is the 5 acres? how much of the 150 per month goes on the principle and how much is interest/
  8. lhalfcent

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    hey all. as for lateness, this was the first month i had been late and landlord wouldn't accept two partial payments. this has just been too wierd.
    as for the question on property it is an undeveloped piece that i can pay over 36 months and pay it off without penalty. basically it is about 7grand total if i remember right.
    the 500 down includes 95$ back tax, 200$ for transfer titles etc, nitty gritty legal stuff and a filing fee. that's it.
    this landlord gal is something else i tell ya.
    basically we had a death in the family last week of june and the funeral was in kentucky where my uncle who passed on lived. it was my mom's only sibling. she is 73 and i take care of her.
    she is pretty sprite for her age. lol
    but i have decided to look at this as an adventure. so there you go.
    thanks for the replies.
  9. Jason

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    Good luck to you. I'd recommend doing some seroius research, as the others have said. Will there be employment? Care for your mom while you are at work, if and when the need arises? I'm not sure how many kids you have but you may all be able to fit in a trailer or something on the property. Just don't kid yourself and think you're going to mash a big family into a little space and be able to make it. Keep realistic, but be optimistic-keep your head in the clouds and both feet firmly on the ground.
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    Sorry to hear that, and hope you good luck. I'm sorry that I can't help you to solve the problem necause I am not a pro!