Mother Earth News Fair in PA this Sept.

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    Mother Earth News Magazine

    I know alot of you live around PA, wanted to make sure you all knew about this. I've been checking their website, and they are updating it as they finalize their plans, it's definitely something worth checking out. Speakers will include Grit and Mother Earth News Staff. Looks like a great weekend to network and learn. Here's an exerpt from the site:

    Event Categories
    Keynote Speakers - The best of the best wise living gurus.
    Modern Homesteading - Practical skills for urban and rural self-sufficiency.
    Sustainable Farming - How smarter farming leads to better food and a healthier environment.
    Real Food - How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious recipes, fun cooking techniques and the basics of food preservation.
    Organic Gardening - Learn how to use natural organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food.
    Do It Yourself - Great projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.
    Renewable Energy - The best advice on solar, wind, energy efficiency and more.
    Green Homes - From building green to green remodeling, with solar design and natural options.
    Natural Health - Prevent and treat common ailments with the right diet and natural remedies.
    Green Transportation - Greener ways to get around, from electric bikes and public transportation to hybrid and electric cars.
    Nature & Community - Explore the connections between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

    Changing the subject- with my internet setup, it's easier to read without logging in, so I'm just not commenting very much right now. But I'm still here...:wave:
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    Thanks LW. and glad to see you're still around. :wave:

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    Lake Windsong, thanks for the heads up! We're in NE PA. Sounds like it might be worth the drive to visit Mother Earth.
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    Events like this are always worth attending if you can. The Log Cabin Store in Lodi, Oh. will be having their colonial trade fair Oct. 9 & 10, 2010. You can learn alot at this event.:cool: