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Interesting to know, if a weapon was used. Weapons are the tools of crime, for criminals. Means of self defend, or hammering, or whatever, for others.
Interesting to know, if he was involved, with local street people. Most likely. Street people gangs. Very dangerous people. Pretending not to be.
Interesting to know, if he had "know associates" he hanged out with. Fellow convicted sex offenders, other criminals, that he could verbalize, his fantasizes with. Among each other, in privacy.

I mean no disrespect, to the family.

Lots of the gangs members, in here right now, with me, are sure pissed off. People know about them, you see. Harder for them. They only pretend, to be normal. Junkies, drug dealer, pimps, prostitutes, and sex offenders, and such. Staff no better.

So. When I use to be around convicted sex offenders, and others, in the gangs, all the time. Daily for years. (I am an abused, Homeless Human Rights Activist). The gangs, were allowed, and encouraged, to harass me. So they got comfortable, being around me. Including in talking and joking, as they would laugh, in talking about the most vulgar, and disgusting sex stuff, you can not even imagine. (A few times.) So much went on.

I mean, you can not, even imagine it. You can not even, think it. It is so alien, to a normal human thinking. You can not even remember, 5 minutes later, to tell someone. If they spoke for a minute, you could not, repeat it back. They are so vulgar, and disgusting, your mind, shreaks away, from even thinking about, what they talk and laugh about. Especially when you know, what monsters, they really are.

I use to watch hard core porn, when much younger. Sometimes. That is nothing. I mean nothing. If you were to describe it.

I literally, can not even tell you. What they say. I do not remember, nor want to. They are so vulgar, and disgusting, it is literally unbelievable. They pretend to be normal. I know they are not. They stopped (acting) like this, after I told some people. Years ago (still mad at me). Still pretending though now, to be normal. They are the gang leaders basically. Drug dealers. Etc. Only know some. Hard to even remember them. You do not want to. After being exposed to them. One of those people, stays here, with me, at the Arnika Inn, here in Yellowknife NT, Canada.

They act friendly. Watch shows like "I almost got away with it". In some of these true life shows, of escaped prisoners, etc. Some become drug dealers, and then well sometimes, end up with trucks, nice apartments, etc. They socialize, with all they can. That lets them meet, lots of people, and that seems, normal to you. Being overly friendly, socializing, a ladies man.

Usually disguising themselves to, and building fake identities. They need to mingle with lots of people, to sell, lots of drugs, and hopefully not be noticed. They want to be around people, who can spend, 100s of dollars, at a time. The gang members here, have done that. Dressed up, and pretend to be police (like in law and order), rich people, etc. Or just dressed nice, where ordinary people, and kids are. Other people involved in drugs too, come around then, socializing with them, in front of potential new victims.

The drug dealer, gang leaders, sex offenders, do the same things. Watch "I almost got away with it" and learn, and maybe save, your loved ones life, or from as good as dead.

I suspect if a gun had been used. The press would be all over it. You would never hear the end of it. Years later, it would be cited, for new gun laws, and such. What's going on? Why do they never understand? I have recently realized that (I am a slave). I am not black, but I think of myself as (N) word now. Because I am poor, so I am useless, except as there easy career security. The police, the courts, the press, the government, are all (house Ns) to me now. They never get into trouble, for the most part, because they are doing, what the masters, want then to do, to us. I can be treated, as I get treated, because I have no basic human rights. Because, I am a slave. Slaves, are not real people, to them. We are just a means to a end, to them. There easy lives, and careers, is our poverty, and despair, and suffering, and fear. Modern day slavery. We suffer, and they prosper, with our suffering, fear.

Slaves, are always surrounded by brigands. So you need the kings guard. You literally need them. They make it that way. The masters, want us completely dependent on them, for everything. A person in Canada. Lets say, that woman, and child's home, got broken into. And she had a gun. That woman, would shudder in horror, at the though of, what the R.C.M.P., and the courts, would do to her, if she used that gun, to defend herself, and her baby. Even if that happened, and hence then she survived. She would be terrified, in a clear and cut case, of self defence. Of going to prison, and maybe, at the same time, having to spend there life savings, at trying, to say out of prison. Years ago, a R.C.M.P. family member, killed a intruder, with a AR style weapon. It was no big deal, and dropped fast, being talked about. No charges were layed. That women, would be even more terrified, of using a AR style weapon, to defend herself, and baby. It is so scary, she might never had done anything, to defend herself, and her baby. Then her, and her baby, would have been killed, by this man. That is a example of a double standard. Which are becoming, more and more, commonplace. Even outside, the criminal justice system, and for the average person.

In the CBC story, on the national news tonight. September 22 2021. A defence lawyer, talked about, they can't be driven from town basically. How can they integrate into society then? Lets say, most do, for arguments sake. Some don't, and do horrific things. That never get reported to, sometimes, by victims. That is common knowledge, about sexual assault victims. What can be done? Lots.

There is a video on youtube called pervert park.

The husband, of his dead wife and child, calls for ‘Noah’s law’.

I think, convicted sex offenders, should not be allowed, to talk to each other, and gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes, criminals, etc. They need to be scared, of doing that.

Convicted sex offenders, should not be allowed, to be around each other, but be around each other, at the same time. Most of the time. Supervised access to public otherwise for (high risk) repeat offenders, as the R.C.M.P. called him. A place for them all, and only them. Far away, from everyone else. With serious consequences, for breaking there conditions, of release. Like at least, 10 more years, back in prison right away. So the convicted sex offenders, are scared. (Convicted sex offender, must be, about to do something serious "worth it"). And all know it. Serious consequences for them. Reminders, for the general public, at large, constantly. Not allowed to drink, or do drugs, even if legal drugs. Regular and routine drug testing, severe times a day. Always. Forever.

When they get drunk, drink, and or do drugs, especially street drugs, that can be a mixture, of unknown drugs. They are, right then, a extreme danger, of becoming a repeat sex offender. So that makes it, easy, easy, easy, to catch them. Fast. Fast. Fast.

Because they are around each other, and not allowed, to talk to each other, but do. What's going on? That person, is off there meds, right then, or are using drugs, or are just (out of control), and a extreme danger, right then, of becoming a repeat sex offender. Cameras, mics, everywhere, outside there trailers, or houses. Security present to.

If one of them, leaves the area, because they can. And does drugs, or gets drunk, lets say, and is allowed to. Since they are not allowed, to be around various criminals. They will be around (not criminals). A.K.A. Ordinary people. If they start talking about perverted, and vulgar activities. That will freak people out. Then the police will be called.

A serious criminal, on meds, to keep the general public safe, has to be scared, of going off there meds, for example. To keep the general public safe. As they are supposed to do.

Give the police, and courts, no choices at all. The police, and the courts, get to go to prison to, if they cover, for them still. Safest for us. Not sure about the judge, police officer, they get to go to prison, and wait. That criminal justice person, is extremely dangerous, to public safety. When they are not sure about us, it's you get secured. So the same for them to. They have extreme powers, over us, so more severe, for them.

The other way around to. Criminals get to go back to prison and such if they deliberately associate with convicted sex offenders. Shown every time, they see there probation officer, a picture list, of them locally. Maybe one warning only, for that one convicted criminal. Broke the terms, of there probation. So back inside. Right away. They need to, be scared.

Curfews, or back to prison, to make them want to stay away, and inside, there dwelling. Do I need to talk about ankle bracelets and such, to monitor where they are.

September 22 2021 10:15pm Just had to get into a screaming match with a pimp coming around outside my door bothering me. Staff member (Jihad) there right away pretending, he doesn't know, what is going on. He probably put them up to it. He has before and precipitated in my severe harassment. 10:26pm A prostitute, is outside my door now harassing me. Others to now. Well gone now. Wait a minute or two I guess. I have no choices.

My post on Crime Beat TV right here. This above basically. Was just taken off. Not up for even 5 minutes.

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So after doing this and realizing what some of the things done to me were for. Even thought it doesn't make sense right now to you. I will put this post here.

Because a handful of police officers, across the USA, got tried and convicted, of serious crimes like murder. You can see now, in various places, how the police, have changed. Why? Because they are now scared. Now they are in P.R. damage control mode, to show the general public, yet again, how they have changed, for the better. Yet again.

So if you want your police to change, for the better. You need to keep them scared, of being personally punished, all the time. OK. How? We need a (de-insure) the police movement. So they are afraid of harming "we the people". Because insurance claims, will be payed out, and that has consequences for them personally, in there lives. Even though they are rich. They live in homes, because they are rich.

The Seattle police are in P.R. damage control mode. I say, go ahead, and hire a police officer to work for you, if you dare. Someone who knows the law backwards and forward. Is a trained practiced lair. Has committed serious crimes, and is friends, with fellow police officers, who have also committed serious crimes, and he or she knows it to. How do you tell the different? You cannot. They did this to themselves with the courts, pampering and protecting them. We did nothing to them, but trust them, and provide for them.

Peoples constitutional rights, are actually laws, that they (break the law) all the time of. Including commit other serious crimes, like murder, for example, and lots of other serious crimes. How do you tell the good ones, from the bad ones? You can not.

The (good ones), standed by, and did nothing, as people, were brutally assaulted, and even killed. As far as the average person is concerned. That's why they are acting different now. P.R. damage mode.

The police deliberately, premeditatedly, put plans into motion, to ensure that. As the general public, became more and more, outraged at them. And in respond to that, knowing that, the general public at large, would want to get ride of the corrupt police forces, amongst us. Did set so plans into motion, for the express purpose, of making sure, the general public at large, would deliberately experience more crimes, and serious crimes, and scary crimes, to locals. Done to "we the people", so the general public at large, out of fear, and terror, in regards to there safety, and safety of there families. That the general public at large. Would insist, because of no other suitable options offered, but to keep corrupted law enforcement, in positions of power over the general public at large.

The Seattle police are in P.R. damage control mode. They needed people, and fast, screaming for, corrupt, murdering law enforcement, to be put back into place, then doing PR damage control, yet again, to show yet again, how they have changed this time yet again. This time, pretending to the general public at large, as fast as possible, as needed, that they have options, and don't need us at all.

They do have options, because of such small numbers, in regards to, national wide job replacement. But if (defunding the police) had become more, wide scale. They would have to get work elsewhere, and on a vast, and grand scale, nation wide. With no one, at all, in the general public at large, even wanting them around, there families. What happens if a former cop decides he or she wants what you got? Like your family, or business? Or your job? What about if they start doing crimes around you. In real life, what will you do?

Looks like another tactic, the press has adopted, that I talked about to them, to try to get things to stop. Build you up, and then slap you down. Gangs do that to victims, all the time. With (defund the police). You raged, and then prayed, for them to return, or not leave.

I remember in the 70s or 80s I think. Large scale lay offs, taking place, inside the government. Nightly there was news reports, of the (horrors) basically, government workers, were having, in finding a job, and especially a job they wanted. TV news reporters, talking about how they we (forced to) get jobs, in the private sector, and even, go on unemployment benefits basically. Oh the horror for them, it must have been.

The police, did this to themselves. They need to pay, for all insurances, out of there own pay. Provide proof to get a police job. Proof again before there insurance expires. No pay increases, to cover, the new expenses. They still get to stay in homes. So they are still rich. A tax write-off, or whatever. Same as everybody else. No special pampering and treatment. If they have 2 million dollars in liability insurance, and get sued, and loose, and have to pay out 3 million dollars. Well they will have to pay out, 1 million in there own assets. They are still rich, but pretending not to be. No exceptions. What about hostage situations? What about gun battles? No exception, otherwise, the police whenever they can, will escalate situations, into that. Whenever they can, for personal safety insurance reasons. There is no way, to tell the bad ones, from the good ones. They did that to themselves. So they will not want any situations, where guns get used, just in case, they get sued. So more likely a peaceful outcome, than otherwise. Even if some cop, has to take longer, getting it done, because he or she wants, to get home, to there wife, or husband, or doesn't want to miss the game, or whatever.

No more state funerals, at taxpayer expense. Acting like, a master has died. If they do not want to have there own funeral insurance. They can be buried, in the cheapest pine box, we can find, and the family can get the bill. Just like everybody else. Or there family can pay.

Same for district attorneys to, judges to. All pay for there own insurances. See how fast then, they can keep doing PR damage control, and respecting our lives, and freedoms, and liberties. All in the criminal justice system need to pay for there own insurances. File clerks to. Put a wrong date down, and some criminal goes free. You can get sued to, and pay out yourself.

See how the police, like having 30 thousands plus laws on the books, and forget, to enforce one, and someone get hurt, or property gets damaged. Then, get sued for that to. I remember, we were told in school, all are required to know the law, and obey the law. Even if you did not know you broke a law, you are still guilty, of breaking the law. That is there chosen profession. So be it, for them to. A lawyers champagne, swimming pool dream.

Sure was nice of the press to do that, for the police in Seattle. Before it got to bad for them. Another good example, of how the press, tells you what the problems are, and the solutions are. The press too, are house (Ns). Regardless of there skin colour. That is what the police, and press is, for the masters.
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