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  1. NaeKid

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    All I have to say is:


  2. horseman09

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    Maybe they weren't after the produce at all.........maybe they wanted something even more valuable: the fuel in the truck's tanks. :eek:

    If gas keeps going up I could just see it now. A car jacker sticks a gun through your car window, jerks you out of the car, looks at the fuel gauge (on empty) and says, "Sorry, sir. Wrong car." :D
  3. gypsysue

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    I never thought of that, horseman! We bought locking gas caps for our older rigs that didn't already have them, and never thought about someone taking the vehicle itself for the gas!

    I remember a few years ago when gas got up around $4.00/gallon I heard vague things about tanker truck drivers being worried about being hijacked.

    How come congress calls for hearing and investigations on everything else but does nothing about the price of fuel?
  4. Clarice

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    Gypsysue, IMHO it's because they want their campaign funded with the oil money.
  5. BlueShoe

    BlueShoe ExCommunicated

    The top dogs care nothing about anything except making a dollar and continuing their ride.
    10% of our federal elected representatives cares about you. You are the farm. They are the farmers.
  6. Cahri

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    I believe they were after all the loot, just down the street in a small town I live in, (JUST EAST OF DALLAS, there was a truck selling fresh tomatoes for only a buck a pound. This was 2 days after this theft and before anyone knew, so it was not just the fuel. I never raced over to get some, I told hubby something didn't smell right.....
  7. Frugal_Farmers

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    Ok my friend, I will have to disagree. I will say that 100 percent of our elected officials are ONLY concerned about their own special intrest and care nothing about the american public. If you can list anyone who genuinly cares, please do so and I will do some additional research. Until then , I will stick with my assumption that every one of them are OWNED by corporate greed and are simply puppets to the global money machine that continues to oppress Americans at an alarming rate.
  8. BlueShoe

    BlueShoe ExCommunicated

    Sure. I consider Jimmy Duncan and Ron Paul (both of the House of Representatives) among a very few that stand up for the count. I'd have to look for the names of a few more that have done a fair amount of work for us. Nobody is perfect, but out of the 535 or so, I'd say there are close to 50 that I would trust with my pets.