More and more homelessness...

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    Seems things are getting worse and faster all the time. The two links below are to articles I found that show that homeownership is down and gonna be low for the foreseeable future in the US(apologies to the international audience). The other article shows how they are re-vamping the mortgage lending process, which will make it harder to get a new mortgage and keep an existing one.

    What I'm gettin at is there are going to be lots more homeless, desperate people. If people can't buy houses and the apartments and rentals are all full, they have to go somewhere...

    News Headlines

    Mortgage Finance Overhaul to Raise Costs, Reduce Home-Ownership - Bloomberg
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    Both were good reads. Thanks for posting them.

    Already in our area extended families are moving in together at a higher level than I've ever seen. It's going to be a long climb back to a strong housing market, and a lot of people are, and already have been, going to suffer.