Missing teens found

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  1. NaeKid

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    Missing Texas teens found in Calgary | Calgary & Alberta | News | Calgary Sun

    My question is ... how did they get across the border with guns? Dayum, them kidz got skillz ..
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    Heh, I think you all need to work on some tougher border protection. Illegals can be a real problem... :D

  3. gypsysue

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    A truck "filled with several guns, some loaded"...

    3 handguns and two rifles. Doesn't fit my picture of "several guns"!

    Yet it does beg the question of where and how they crossed the border. Let us know, naekid, if they give out more of the story later!
  4. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    Single equals one
    Couple equals two
    Several equals anything more than three ...

    I am also wondering where they crossed the border because I just found out that there are several "un-manned" crossings where people are requested to be "honorable" and use the supplied phone to "call the central office" when crossing. Most of those crossings are over water (lakes), but, some are road-based as well.

    That makes it really easy for anyone to head north on the roads and still sneak through ...
  5. TechAdmin

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    I was going to say, I thought it was harder to get into Canada than that.
  6. HozayBuck

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    Hey NK!!

    find out where they crossed so i can come visit and bring my guns !!!:D
  7. Tirediron

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    There is a lot of border that is just farm fields , not very hard to cross, the big stink about guns is normal here, cause our government is heald hostage by the Quebec seperatest so it is almost impossible for anyone else to get a majority and make decisions so we float around with wishy washy policy:gaah:
    Any creative american can get into the three Plains provinces quite easily , you just need approriate liscence plate for your vechicles so that you don't get stopped by currious cops, If these kids had stayed out of the city they probably would never have been found. If you need to come to alberta "undercover" remove your front plate, we don't have front plate here, so a front plate is a quick out of province indicator (not incouraging any subversive activity)
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