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Discussion in 'Water Filtering & Storage' started by saintsfanbrian, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. saintsfanbrian

    saintsfanbrian Liberty or Death!!!!

    I am considering getting the MIOX water filter for water filtration when camping and "just in case".

    MSR Miox Water Purifier

    Has anyone heard/used one of these?
  2. booter

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    I live in the Sierra Nevadas' [not far from Yosemite National park] in an area of extreme outdoor sports-oriented activity. While MSR manufactures very high quality backcountry gear, here in the Sierras' the most reliable and best selling water purifier is the STERI-pen, more effective, lower failure/breakage rate, it easily outsells the MIOX. I'm talking; high-volume sales, under real life usage conditions, from a large end-user base, ad copy always looks great and sounds impressive, but in the real world your personal health is on the line.

  3. bunkerbob

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    Why don't you guys do a product review on your experiences with each of the products you mentioned.