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mini solar cookers

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Does anyone know where to get a pocket sized unfoldable solar cooker?
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in a pinch a piece of foil unfolded and propped up works. Cant get much cheaper than that.
Wouldn't it have to be relatively big like medium-satellite dish size?
Pocket sized? NO.

Solar cooker for anything larger than lighting a cigarette will be a square meter or square yard in size or larger.
How do the smaller box-style ones work as opposed to the larger fanning out ones?
How hot can a solar oven really get? Say it's 100 degrees outside. How much more hot could it get in a solar oven?
Solar cookers

I dont know about the small ones but the homemade larger over 300 degrees. People cook beans, rice, bread cokies etc in them. Heres a link to just one plan ive found.

Making A Solar Oven

I've seen them on Ed Begley's show Living with Ed. He uses one and it seems to work quite well. Actually have learned a lot from that show, he's a very frugal living man.
found this in the newspaper. it's a cool kids project.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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