Miner's Lettuce

Discussion in 'Recipe Share' started by NaeKid, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. NaeKid

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    I just found a new recipe site that seems to be amazing! The put all kinds of videos onto the site with great tips and hints and such.

    I found this little story about something called "Miner's Lettuce". Rich in vitamin C and a tasty little number that can be found in California. I will see if I can find something like that locally next time I am out in the bush (which is fairly often).

    What Is Miner's Lettuce? : It's a favorite among foragers - CHOW
  2. lanahi

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    In my area, it seems to grow only in shady places, usually in the woods. It is very distinctive and easy to recognize.

  3. gypsysue

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    I haven't seen it up here. Good to know about it, though, for when we're traveling.
  4. OldFashionedMama

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    No miner's lettuce here in Ohio, but plantain is good and grows everywhere. And of course the seeds of lanceleaf plantain are what they make Metamucil from...although somehow I doubt that would be a problem in a bugout situation.