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    Good to see that you are up and running again on the new server!

    Thanks for the link. :2thumb:

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    well, sorta!

    Welcome. I'm really glad that my friend decided to 'carry on' and keep the majority of my old website up and available. There is a sneaky feeling I have that things will progressively keep getting worse and preparedness will become more of a lifestyle for a LOT more people. For those who may be interested, I moved my entire website to CD and anyone in the Denver, CO area who wants a free copy is welcome to it. Just pop me an email or IM and I'll burn a copy of the Drum-Runners.com website for you with all the documents and links.

    Survival Preparedness Library
    This CD is a topical collection of PDF documents, web links and videos for survival preparedness planning in a simple library format.*The PDF documents (displayed as black text) are embedded within this CD and can be directly opened and printed as needed. Web links (displayed as underlined blue text) open to other relevant external internet sites.

    Food & Cooking
    1 Year Food Supply For 1 Adult
    Alternate Cooking Methods
    Animals for Food
    Backyard Green House
    Base Camp Trail Stove
    Bucket Stove
    Cultivating Vegetables
    Dehydrating Food
    Dutch Ovens
    Emergency Bread
    Emergency Food For Babies
    Essential Nutrient Sources
    Expedient Cooking
    Fireless Cooker
    Food-Borne Illnesses
    Food Safety
    Food Storage and Rodents
    Food Storage in the Home
    Freezer Bag Meals
    Grains and Legumes
    Growing Wheat by Hand
    Improvised Grain Mill
    Making an Oil Press
    Mylar Bag Sealing Methods
    Pantry Pests
    Plant Identification
    Poisonous Plants
    Preparation of Dairy Products
    Raising Rabbits
    Render Animal Fat
    Rocket Stove
    Solar Cooking 1**2
    Solar Food Drying
    Stocking Food
    Stocking for Small Spaces
    Storage of Wheat
    Thermos Bottle Cooking
    Wine Making
    Cast Iron Cookware
    Cheese Making
    Food Coop Directory
    Food Product Dating
    Food Recalls & Alerts
    Gardening Tips
    Grandpappy's Basic Recipes
    Growing Mushrooms
    Home Food Canning
    Home Food Preservation
    Homemade Instant Foods
    Insects for Food Newsletter
    Making Cheese 1**2
    Making an Outdoor Oven
    Preserving Fish
    Preserving Meat
    Recipe Goldmine
    Recipes Using Canned & Dried Foods
    Windshield Shade Solar Cooker

    Power, Light & Heat
    Base Camp Trail Stove
    Brush Fungus Stove
    Candle Making
    Coal Extenders
    DynaGlo Kerosene Heater
    Emergency Home Heating
    Fighting Fires
    Fire by Bow Drill
    Fire by Can
    Fire by Flint, Steel and Battery
    Fire Making
    Kerosene Fuel Primer
    Fire Safety and Extinguishers
    Heat, Light and Power
    Making Charcoal
    Plumber's Stove
    Stove Fuels
    Tinder Fungus
    Toyoset Kerosene Heater
    What if the Electricity Goes Off?
    Winter Power Failure
    Wood Heating
    Alternative Energy
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    Kerosene Heaters
    Power Outage Tips
    Soda Can Solar Heater
    Solar Heat Air Panel
    Solar Projects
    Window Solar Heater

    Water & Sanitation
    Build a Hand Pump
    Emergency Disinfection
    Getting Started Storing Water
    Homemade Berkey Water Filter
    Priming the Berkey Filter
    Rainwater Harvesting
    Slow Sand Filters
    Solar Water Heater
    Water Treatment
    Berkey Water Filter Operations*- V
    Coffee Filters & Alum
    Find Water & Make It Safe
    Homemade Water Filter*- V
    Shock Chlorinate a Well
    Solar Still
    Swimming Pool Volume Calculations
    Water Purification*- V
    Water Supplies During Pandemic
    Wilkes University Water Testing

    Military Manuals
    Ambush and Counter Ambush
    Booby Traps
    Civil Disturbances
    Close Combat
    Combat Care and Wound Treatment
    Combat Skills
    Combat Training with Pistols
    Combatives* 1**2**3**4**5**6**7
    Counter Guerrilla Operations
    Desert Operations
    Environmental Injuries
    Explosives and Demolitions
    Eye, Ear and Nose Injuries
    Field Craft
    Generators* 1**2**3**4**5**6
    Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals
    Hand Signals
    Improvised Munitions*(BIG document)
    Intravenous Infusions
    Light Anti-Armor Weapons
    Map Reading and Land Navigation
    Mountaineering - Advanced
    Mountaineering - Basic
    NBC Agent Field Behavior
    NBC Decontamination
    NBC Protection* 1**2**3**4**5**6
    Operators Manual 5.56 M16 Rifle
    Patient Care Procedures
    Physical Fitness* 1**2**3**4**5**6**7**8*
    Physical Fitness* 9**10**11**12**13
    Physical Security
    Preventive Medicine
    Ranger Handbook
    Rifle Marksmanship 1**2**3**4
    Rigging* 1**2**3**4**5**6
    Rodent Control
    Sewage Treatment* 1**2**3**4**5**6
    Sniper Training
    Sterile Procedures
    Survival Manual
    Survival, Evasion and Recovery
    Terrain Analysis
    Terrain Analysis
    Treating NBC Agent Casualties
    Treating Fractures in the Field
    Unconventional Warfare
    USMC Common Skills* 1**2
    USMC Field Antenna Handbook
    USMC Summer Survival Manual
    USMC Winter Survival Manual
    Visual Signals
    Water Survival
    Special Forces Medical Handbook
    Jungle Operations

    Weapons & Ammunition
    1911 .45 Pistol
    AK47 Rifle
    Alternate Gun Cleaning Solvent & Oil
    AR15 Rifle
    Beretta 92 Pistol
    Booby Traps and Area Defense
    Browning 22 Rifle*
    Colt Revolvers
    Glock Armorers Manual
    M1A Rifle
    Marlin 60 Rifle
    Mossberg 500 Shotgun
    Mossberg 835 Shotgun
    Ruger 10/22 Rifle
    Ruger 44 Carbine
    Ruger Blackhawk*Revolver
    Ruger Mini 14 Rifle
    Ruger Mini-30*Rifle
    Russian M44 Carbine
    Shotgun Home Defense
    SKS Rifle
    Smith & Wesson Revolvers
    Thompson .45 'Tommy Gun'
    Winchester Lever Action Rifle
    1911 .45 Pistol, Clean & Lube 1**2*- V
    2 Point Sling Installation*- V
    AK47 Rifle Cleaning 1**2**3**4**5**6*- V
    Ammo Engine
    Ammo Seek
    AR15 Rifle Field Stripping*- V
    Beretta 92 Field Stripping*- V
    Current Ammunition Deals
    Glock Field Stripping*- V
    Gun Directory - Reviews & Specs
    Lubing a Pistol*- V
    M1 Garand Field Stripping*- V
    Marlin 60 Field Stripping*- V
    Mossberg 500 Field Stripping*- V
    Remington 870 Disassembly*- V
    Remington 870 Reassembly*- V
    Revolver Cleaning*- V
    Ruger 10/22 Field Stripping*- V
    Ruger Mini-14 Field Stripping 1*2*- V
    Ruger Mk III Field Stripping*- V
    Shotgun Barrel Cleaning*- V
    SKS Field Stripping 1**2*- V
    Why Your 1911 Pistol Won't Work

    Medical & Flu Treatment
    Bird Flu Diagnosis & Hygiene
    Community Mitigation
    Emergency Childbirth
    Face Masks
    Flu Home Treatment
    Herbal Formulas
    Home Remedies
    Isolation Planning
    Mass Casualty Planning and Burial
    Management of Bodies During Disaster
    Medical Emergencies
    Medical Kit (Supply List)
    Pandemic Flu Citizens Guide
    Safe Burial Practices
    Survival Medicine
    Where There is No Dentist
    Wilderness Medical Kit
    Ankle Sprain & Break*- V
    Apply a Pressure Bandage*- V
    Bird Flu Book
    Blisters*- V
    Burn Injuries*- V
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning*- V
    CDC Patient Home Care Guidance
    Choking Victims*- V
    CPR Rescue Breaths*- V
    Dog Bites*- V
    First Aid Books & Supplies
    Food Poisoning*- V
    Fractured Hand*- V
    Frostbite*- V
    Head Injuries*- V
    Health Encyclopedia
    Heat Exhaustion*- V
    Medical Books
    Poison Response Center
    Rehydration Solution
    Shock*- V
    Snake Bites*- V
    Spider Bites*- V
    Stinging Insects*- V
    Treating Hypothermia
    Treating Sunstroke
    Use a Tourniquet*- V
    Veterinary Medical Books
    General Planning
    Aids to Survival
    All Hazard Preparedness
    Becoming Self-Sufficient for 6 Months
    Camp Craft
    Candle Making
    Chemical Emergencies
    Compact Survival Kit
    Community Mitigation
    Complete Book of Self Sufficiency
    Dangerous Animals
    Dangerous Wild Dogs
    Disaster Handbook
    Earthquake Preparation
    Emergency Preparedness Manual
    EMP Threat
    Family Emergency Handbook
    Family Emergency Plan Template
    FEMA - Are You Ready?
    Flood Preparations
    General Supply List
    Hand Signals
    Home Hurricane Sheltering
    Knife Sharpening
    Knot Tying
    Last Minute Preparations
    LDS Preparedness Manual
    Making Soap
    Prep for People with Disabilities
    Secret Hiding Places
    Short-wave Radio 1**2
    Signaling and Direction Finding
    Social Distancing & Readiness
    Strengthening Exterior Doors
    Survival Fighting
    Survival Shelters* 1**2
    Surviving in the City
    Tanning Hides
    Terrorism Response
    Traps and Snares
    Wilderness Survival
    Winning City Fights
    Wood Gas Generator
    Small Engine Repair
    Hazardous Household Products
    100 Items to Disappear First
    Basic Necessities for Survival
    Basic Rules of Survival
    Bee Keeping
    Build It Solar
    Bush Craft Books
    Depression, Famine, World War III
    Direction Finding and Navigation
    Escape a Submerged Car
    Evacuation List
    Fish Gill Nets
    Guide for Business & Industry
    Helping Children After A Disaster
    Home Security Information
    How to Stop a Runaway Car
    Items Every Car Should Have
    Making Dog Food
    Making Laundry Soap
    Manmade Disasters
    Most Overlooked Items for Survival
    National Hurricane Center
    National Weather Hazards Map
    Online Conversions
    Pest Control
    Pet Safety During A Disaster
    Pets and Livestock
    Raising Chickens
    Rodent Control
    Scouting Homemade Equipment
    Stay at Home or Leave?
    Survival Books
    Surviving a Car Fire
    Three Most Important Survival Items
    Weapons & Tools
    Weather Service Radar

    Other Preparedness Sites
    Alpha Rubicon Survival
    Australian Pandemic Resources
    Emergency Preparation Forum
    End Times Report
    FEMA Guide to Citizen Preparedness
    Flu Trackers
    Flu Wiki Forum
    Get Pandemic Ready
    Idaho Pandemic Preparedness
    Ludlow Survivors Group - UK
    Millennium Ark
    Mother Earth News
    Mrs. Survival Forum
    Mutually Assured Survival
    Pandemic Flu Information Forum
    Plan for Pandemic
    Prepared Society
    Preparedness Pro
    Provident Living
    Ready Moms Alliance
    Steve Quayle Prep Tips
    Survival Podcast
    Survivalist Boards
    Tree of Liberty

    US Preparedness Networks (all 50 states)
    American Preppers Network
    Canadian Preparedness Networks
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    I am not in the Denver area... can I send you few bucks? I would love to have a copy of that CD :D
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    I keep getting an error message.
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    I'm not in denver but would you be able to send it either email or snail mail...Thanx:wave:
  7. Drumrunner

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    PM sent

    sent you and LincTex a pm
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    I bought a CD from Drumrunner last year and it was worth every penny.
    Get one if you can.
  9. Drumrunner

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    oh my gosh....

    I had not planned on such a demand for the CD, so I had better get busy burning copies asap. Concerning price, with postage, CD disks, mailing envelopes and CD case I would like to get $10 for the CDs. For those who do not want the entire library on a disk, again let me direct you to the mirror site at Drum-Runners.com
    Since the original Drum-Runners.com website is now 'history', most of the topics I had is on the mirror, about 75% and the PayPal account has also been suspended. I will accept personal checks, certainly not cash, for your safety.
    Do please email me at my online email address:
    [email protected] and give me your mailing address, I'll ship the CD once I receive your check or money order.

    This is important.....I have NO locks, registration requirements, secret passwords or any such other nonsense on the CDs, they are completely open. This means I WANT you to share copies with friends and family, burn as many as you wish. Take this as my explicit consent to distribute the survival library to whoever you wish.

    Larry (AKA Drumrunner)
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    Really good to 'see' you and your website again! Lots of great information!

  11. MrSfstk8d

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    This looks like a fantastic library to have on hand. I'll be sending up a request soon. Next payday most likely, lol. Thanks!!
  12. Drumrunner

    Drumrunner Drumrunner

    No hurry

    I have been adding more manuals (695 MB) in all so I have crammed as much onto one disk as I possibly can. No worries on the time either since I must create over 60 CDs.

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    what is the error message?

    What is the error message you get?