Mid-Year Debt Update

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    From The Market Ticker

    Our government refuses to deal with the facts - there is no recovery in the private economy, there has been no recovery, private final demand collapsed in 2008 and has not come back one iota and the Feral Government is LYING - on both sides of the aisle...

    Here's reality folks: We've written checks for 30 years with our political mouths we cannot cash with our producing fingers. We've papered over this with fraud in virtually every nook and cranny of public and private life. We have allowed producers to depart for lands where effective slavery exists for labor, refusing to enact parity tariffs to put a stop to it. We have allowed blatant and outrageous theft of our producers' intellectual property and conferred upon these nations "most-favored nation" trading status. We have blown serial bubbles in the stock and housing markets and would love to blow another one in "carbon trading", but all three were and are frauds without foundation in reality - or sustainability...

    There is no "lack of clarity" in the economy. What has been done is transparent to anyone who cares to look. The Federal Debt picture is published each and every day and it is clear, convincing, and irrefutable...

    None of what I want, you want, or the government wants has a thing to do with the mathematics of the situation we have before us today and the instabilities we built into the economy over the last 30 years...

    What you saw in 2008 was the opening act. 2009 and early 2010 was the intermission - the eye of the hurricane when everyone came outside and marveled at the pretty blue sky.

    The back half of this Cat 5 storm is far worse as instead of an offshore wind this time we'll get the onshore wind and a 30' high storm surge. The wind is starting to pick up.

    We either act right now or our choices will be made for us...

    "Here it comes"
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    True that.

    Besides prepping and learning, what do we do?

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    I do wish everyone the the very best of luck, it is going to be, truly HELL for some.
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    Uncle Joe, you've hit the nail on the head. :eek:
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    I just tried using the link to the full article and it didn't work quite right. :eek:

    Let's try this one.

    Ok. Now it works. :)