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I know some of yawl have read my posts where I mention the Iron Man 3 gun match held in Parma ID in June, this is a video done up by the folks who put on this match MGM Targets of Boise ID... it's very well done! but of course it shows the very best of the best which is fine.. it would take an hour to film me doing the same stages lol.. I do it for me!! not because I think I can win.. altho I did win Senior one year but I think it was a gimme hahaha...

check it's a hoot, but be can get hooked!!! I have gone 4 of the last 6 years, a knee replacement during the match 2 years ago stopped me cold and a bone spur in the knee cap on the new knee kept me out this year...but I'm going next June if I have to crawl!!.. I'm going.. old or not...

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