Mexican Military Contines to Enter the U.S. Illegally

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    there was a Mexican military transport tank caught crossing well into the U.S. border and tried avoiding the customs checkpoint. Without reaching the checkpoint, they turned around and stopped a car to search it and went on their way back to Mexico.

    You can clearly see people out of the tank conducting surveillance. It is a 10 minute video. I’ve seen it twice on my local news but I cannot find it online or on their website. Apparently by Googling this topic there has been over 200 documented cases of the Mexican military entering the U.S. without permission.

    The Mexican government denies it ever happening

    While the U.S. government and federal authorities busy themselves targeting American citizens as domestic terrorists, it seems they couldn’t care less about the fact that the military of a foreign power is flying around American airspace with wanton abandon.

    Here is some information that I saw awhile back on the Mexican military helicopters surveying a Texas town. Got this from KGRV news

    Residents of Falcon Heights (8 and a half hours away from Mexico), a south Texas border town, saw a Mexican helicopter hovering over a house shortly after 6pm on Tuesday night. The chopper conducted surveillance for about 15 minutes before flying back to Mexico.

    “They had armored individuals in the chopper, open ramp, very military looking, in style and preparation,” said Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez Jr.

    “It’s proof the Mexican military sees no boundaries,” reported local KRGV News’ Stephanie Stone, adding that the incident wasn’t the first of its kind and wouldn’t be the last.

    “The markings I understand read ‘La Marina’ which is equivalent to the Mexican Navy,” said Gonzalez.

    What is your opinion on this? These were all unwanted interferences into America. At first I thought it was US-Mexico partnership in fighting the drug cartels and the like but this does not seem to be the case. I was surprised that there are over 200 documented cases of the Mexican military literally invading the U.S. without permission.

    Maybe it's drug lords and drug cartels and the like transporting drugs?
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    You can be sure it has to do with "War on Drugs". Which side they're on is the question though. I suppose it's possible that these could have been 'in pursuit' type of operations, like when an officer in one jurisdiction is following a car through another city/county jurisdiction; but you'd think there would have to be some interagency agreement already in place. AND there would have to be reporting, turning over to officer in ARRESTING jurisdiction, etc. Either those agreements ARE in place, and we're not being told about them, OR those are very well secured deliveries.

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    The fact that they didn't have permission is crazy.
    If a were a normal person would have run into the U.S. border, they would have been shot.
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    Well, they didn't exactly run over it. They FLEW over it in an official Mexican Navy helicopter, according to that report. That's one of the precepts of social engineering, if you look official, most people won't think twice about just letting you go about your business. Truth be told, it could have been a drug cartel helicopter painted to look like a Navy aircraft. Stranger things have happened.
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    The American military seems to feel free to do the same thing along the northern border of the US and I therefore at least suspect they feel free to do the same at the Mexican boarder. Not sure we all would like to start shooting at one another because our military people appear to have no particular sence of boundries.

    Maybe it has something to do with joint command and free trade etc.
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    My home town (located on Lake Erie) has a huge home land security force complete with patrol boats with mounted 30 cal. machine guns to protect us from you evil people who reside north of our border. LOL:eek::surrender:
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    Hahaha! Watch out for those Canucks! :D I would never be worried about our Northern Allies. They seem to be pretty chill.;)
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    The canucks that are born here should be cool for the most part, some of the new "canadians" bear watching.