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Menstrual Flows

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I got to could pack a bunch of tampons and pads in your bug out bag but what would you do to absorb the flow in more of a survival situation? It wouldn't be a problem really the first and second month but at some point you would run out of supplies. Any ideas ladies? I know some women go through quite a few super pluses a day!

And also while we're on the topic...Does anybody have any remedies for menstrual cramps? I read a bit about pain killing options in another thread, so I was just wondering about how to sooth the pain pertained to the menstrual cycle only.

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I personally use The Keeper (similar to Diva and Moon Cups), sea sponge tampons, and cloth pads. I have used them for 10 years now.
The only time I went "back" to the store bought stuff was when I started having some serious bleeding problems and thought it would be slightly more absorbent for my 45 minute drive to the doctor ... as I found out, the tampons AND pads have chemicals in them to draw out blood and make you bleed more. Even my doctor said to go back to the natural alternatives I was using.

Cramps ... there are so many herbs out there - many are used long term (they have to build up in your body and have a steady supply) and others are mild immediate responses. You need relaxants like valerian and chamomile to help with the cramps on the immediate. Long term things like nettles and red raspberry leaf are great. I'll see if I can get some others but those four I have used for my daughters and myself.
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