Menstrual Flows

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    I got to could pack a bunch of tampons and pads in your bug out bag but what would you do to absorb the flow in more of a survival situation? It wouldn't be a problem really the first and second month but at some point you would run out of supplies. Any ideas ladies? I know some women go through quite a few super pluses a day!

    And also while we're on the topic...Does anybody have any remedies for menstrual cramps? I read a bit about pain killing options in another thread, so I was just wondering about how to sooth the pain pertained to the menstrual cycle only.

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    just do an internet search for cloth menstrual pads and you will find more than you ever thought possible on this subject, including several different free patterns and sources to buy premade reusable pads.

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    wow, amazing, i never knew there were so many things that could be used! great link CVORNurse! i am going to have to share this site with my other women friends and family.
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    Hmm, where did you find out about that Diva Cup? Pretty neat invention I would say! They're really on to something here!

    How does mint tea help soothe cramps?
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    Men sure are lucky when it comes to all this stuff.
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    And those of us women that were fixed a few yrs back... gosh it is so nice not to have to deal with this issue any longer..... :D
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    I'm glad to see some men realize that they are lucky!
    One more month and I won't have this issue anymore....going in for a hysterectomy at the end of February.

    Speaking of---anybody have any tips for recovering from a hysterectomy?
    I'm a pretty healthy 45 year old woman. How long do you guys think before I can be up getting my homestead back in place? I can't be down and out for too long or my kids and husband will have this place looking like a circus! :rolleyes:
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    Everyone heals at a different pace. One of my coworkers is preparing for a hyster. She only plans to be off for 2 weeks because that is all the sick time she has. May pull it off since she plans to have a laparoscopic assisted ******l hyst. But the last coworker that had a open, abdominal incision hyster was off for 8 weeks.
    Just please don't over do it, with lifting and such. Our doctors here tell their patients that just because they are starting to feel better doesn't mean that all the muscles and tissues have mended completely. You can cause a hernia or even make the wound come open and insides try to come out.
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    reminds me of the South Park episode with the Indian Hair Tampons :rolleyes: ;)
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    Oh wow, that sounds extreme. My mom is about to under go a hysterectomy as well. I'm not sure what kind she is having but I think she said she was gonna be home for about 8 weeks. Hope she lasts...I'm going to have to make sure she lets everything heal up straight. Can't be having insides tryin' to come out and what not! How long does one usually stay in the hospital after the surgery?
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    Round here, 2 days max unless there is a complication. Most people do not end up with their insides coming out, but if you disobey the doctor and lift something heavy before you are healed it is a remote possibility. More likely you could mess up the suture line and have to have it redone, or cause a hernia, either of which would be another surgery.
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    Can anyone tell me how well the Diva Cups work and how comfortable they are based on personal experiences?
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    Is the Diva cup the same thing as a Moon cup?
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    Diva Cups and Moon Cups are basically menstrual cups, just different companies/brands. They have different sizes, but generally they are made to be fitted comfortably inside the ****** and allow no leakage. I've never used them, only researched them. My main feeling on it was that it just wasn't all that safe to plug up your ******. I think a lot of things need to come out, so I'm going with the cloth pads - I already use the disposable ones, I prefer those over tampons. I'm working on making patterns of my own - all you really need are a sewing machine, fleece, cotton, a pattern, and threads.

    As for just purchasing them, there are people that make patterns of their own, too. Here's just one out of many: Ama'z Padz Online Shop

    As for hysterectomy, I'd be very careful although a lot of people have been fine with it. My mother had one and she wasn't very careful with hers. Years later down the road, she had a little bit of a falling out inside and it was incredibly painful. She had to have a surgery. There were also a lot of other variables, but I'm not sure what else caused that problem for her. She is getting close to her 60s. So definitely give your body a lot of time to heal - treat it like you'd treat any surgeries or wound. Fluids, rest, gentle diet.

    For cramps, I just stick with a heated pad on my stomach, some massage, and aspirins. Hot tea of all kinds generally helps. A good hot bath or shower also helps me. I've never really heard of mint tea being specifically special for cramps. A google search brought these:
    Treating Menstrual Pain with Chamomile and Mint Tea. - Natural Treatments and Remedies - Mamaherb
    Dr. Tea's Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium - Herbal Tonics and Remedies, Gourmet Teas Since 1988
    "Peppermint's pain-relieving effects on headaches have been known for many years." (I guess it's not much of a stretch that mint with pain-relieving effects can help with cramps, right?)
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    Diva cup

    I have the diva cup and love it. It is great during the day, the only issue I have had is after a night of sleep it has leaked a time or too....maybe if you only used it at night after the heaviest flow is over it would be better. Otherwise it saves a ton of money and is easy to deal with.
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    How about cattails? Native Americans used them to cushion the bottoms of papooses, so I imagine they're pretty absorbent. You could wrap some up in a rag and there it is :p

    As for cramps, raspberry or blackberry leaf tea works very well. Evening primrose is also used, but the oil is used, so that might not be practical in a survival situation. (perhaps an infusion of the flowers might suffice??)
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    I personally use The Keeper (similar to Diva and Moon Cups), sea sponge tampons, and cloth pads. I have used them for 10 years now.
    The only time I went "back" to the store bought stuff was when I started having some serious bleeding problems and thought it would be slightly more absorbent for my 45 minute drive to the doctor ... as I found out, the tampons AND pads have chemicals in them to draw out blood and make you bleed more. Even my doctor said to go back to the natural alternatives I was using.

    Cramps ... there are so many herbs out there - many are used long term (they have to build up in your body and have a steady supply) and others are mild immediate responses. You need relaxants like valerian and chamomile to help with the cramps on the immediate. Long term things like nettles and red raspberry leaf are great. I'll see if I can get some others but those four I have used for my daughters and myself.
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    diva cup is alrite but i believe blood should flow out of us not stay in so i use cloth pads. same idea as cloth diapers:)
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    Women certainly have it easy in life. Periods.... carrying a child around for 9 months, Childbirth.....;) Seriously though, it's kind of wierd but my wife and I have thought about how the Natives used to take care of themselves in this manner and the overall sanitation and what would happen in a SHTF situation. Some good insight already shared.