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I was just a kid when the bombs fell. Maybe only 3 or 4, and I dont really remember by my own right, mostly having been told by Papa for so long I remember his story and how he told it.
"We wuz cart folk back din, always movin never a stayun nowheres to long, so we dint has no Kin to awhat most folk knowd to be goin on." he would start out
" we first woke to the jets ascreaming overhead. Had to be miles up, but there were so many it was like they wuz tryin to thread the sky much white in the blue, all acriss cross." he would just sit and stare at the sky before he would go on.
A tear came to his eye, and his lips would do that weird Im bout to cry but I dont want to thing, then he would go on.
"Dere wuznt much of us left no more, most had left root and stayd somewheres. Dang fool wimmen up n fall bonnet over bell fer some feller then bang'n'zoom...deys gone. no seeyas n no howdybyes, and so's we jes keepn the wheels a'rollin' and some days we has work, and some we dint....
dis wuz one dem work fer us, so we had gone back to bed. Then dem jets had come and then wuz all a fallin like..." and he would use his hands like they wuz them planes a fallin.
"But them jets, they wusnt a fallin, they wuz diving see...they wuz diving to bomb us to hell and gone...and is wuz like that one chicken...uh, chicken little...the sky is a fallin, the sky is a fallin...well, that day, the sky WUZ a fallin" and he would sit back and stare at the sky again, his old pipe at his lips and he would sit in his rocker and rock.
Then the quiet came to him, and he would sit and you could see his wheels a turning in his head, then he would talk in a whisper.
" Them there jets all a fallin from the sky, they dropped so many bombs that day...but not one ever hit us, nope. Nope direct like no how" he would start out.
" No, they beat us all to hell and gone when they blew the chicago and new yowk folk, and them other folk..they blew them into yesterday..wasnt a blade o' grass standin win dem jets wuz gone....they beat us to death an never even lookd at us...but us cart folk, we knowd to live on nuthin, done been doin it fer all history...but we dint think on the cart mule. Nope. dint think on that one to good. Jus woke up one day an he wuz gone...stole like death in the dark....and whats worst is I never thunk to eat him, been family to long"
..and we would sit and wittle or dig up beetles for dinner.
"Most folk went right for them cities that wuz gone, asure they wuz gonna find folk there to help out...we pickd up and cartd junk folk left off when they wuz walkn on...stuff folks would want later on." shakin his head in the dark.
" Mussa been 2 or 3 year, 'fore we seen any military folk at all. One day we wuz cartn along and ZANGABANG, dere they were. All acomin' in tanks and stuff. Dint see no planes'n'jets...nope they wuz sneakin up on the whoever's that come'n blowed us to hell n gone. You. You jes stood dere wid dis a'look on yer face, like you seen a giant...but then one o' dem giants stops and gives you a whole box of, but we didnt know food in a box. never seen it a'fore. One of the other Giants had to tell him to show us what it wuz, cuz we dint know..we wuz hick folk, he said.
.....and he opend dem boxes and we seen peaches and apple sauce and pork chops and all kind of stuff. we all cried. he gave us so much food, it would feed us for months." tears came to his eyes again.

to be continued....

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Memories in Black and White, pt2.

Being as we is who we is, we only ate a little of the food out of that there box. We put it away, in the cart and when we absolutely couldnt find food, we'd make some fixins...but that aint what this here is about. Its about where we went, what we saw way back when....
One of my first memories, was from that time. I 'member playing with some toys...Old rusty Tonka trucks and making them my whole world, made life seem bearable for a kid...cuz walkn and walkn aint no kinda fun at all.
But its here, I get back to Papa...
"We wuz a'walkin most of all day an parta da naght, the creepy crawlies and smell of death was all around...we hada gets gone, or die from it. The pups, well they couldnt keep up for so long, and they get in the da cart and nap. Made it all kinda faster fer me, aint gota watch for no youngins a'runnin around getn inta Lords knows what...
Even though it were only Joo-lie (July), it got fierce cold at night, then days turn bitter...plants dyin all over, folks jes sittin dere but dead. its the blacksun, account dem whoevers done bombed da who dang worlt to yesterday...Imma bettin we aint da onlyest ones got bombed, bet we sent them some shiny betty's too....
so now, now its blacksun fer years and years. "

I remember Papa, taking every stitch of clothing we could find, even skinnin' dead animals. I dont remember the cold, not at all..I remember what I thought of as being black and white memories, but it was all so....bleak. Death everywhere and all the color was gone from the world. Gaea was dying, and we killed her...

"We wuz still jes a'walkin...when outa nowheres these...these monsters..they jes be right there on top of all of us. Aint nevah seen nothin like afore. Like some critter from the Outer space magazines the youngins use'ta read. Great huge Oogly Moogly eyes scarin the piss right out ya bladdah...and some kinda mask on cuz they gots radio ovah dems mouth...
I wuz doin my dad-blame best to get outa the place...but them monsters...(hahaha...laughing now)...jes up an cornered us, couldnt fart to save mahself, but once I got mah wits bout me...I seen the U.S.Army on the spacey suits, all black with soot and the color kinda colors make them like ya caint seenim when deys jes standin dere in the woods..." papa said.

I still have nightmares with those "monsters" in them. Darth Vader woulda looked just right walkin around with these mooks....

"They dint talk much, jes alota pointn and pokin. Dint never take nothin, jes made us git outa whereever we wuz. 2 days walkin north. Couldnt understaind a dang thing them mooks said in them gettups, jes we shouldnt go north...somethin bout deadwinter.
I dint give a hootindang bout what they wuz a thinkin'r'notthinkn...dint knowd a knot from a knubbin. I told thems we did have with us...we wuz a goin north come sheepdip or shinola, the USARMY can have the south...caint hunt squat in the south no more, we wuz goin canady..still plenty of huntin dere." just a nodding his head, and rockin his chair, Papa smokin his pipe.

to be continued....

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Memories in Black and White, pt 3.

I think we were somewhere in Ohio, or Pennsylvania maybe...I remember Papa saying that the swamp were nexta us'ta be lake Erie...and I remember saying it was eerie alright, He laughed for the first time in a long while.
rthe swamp gases woukld ignite in the night and dense glow would frighten the juice right out of my grapes, as my Ma us'ta say. It was sometime not long upon that trail we got somethings, caint say they were people or not, danged sure dint look like it to me.
Again I will let Papa tell the story.
" It were maybe Late Joo-lie or August mebbe, couldnt tell none with no sun in the sky to see. We done lost 4 of the clan, most jes up n died from the sickness some got bit by death and withered away to nuthin. Yer Ma was one thatwithered away, it were hard on ya's fer a mite long time seein her lay there and play cards with Death like it werent a thing, then she were jes the breath outta candle.
It were jes Me, yer Older brother, you'ins and yer Ma's sister's boy...ever'one else got took up until that day. I caint say I say ever seen a right Monster a'fer...but that day, that day lives in my nightmares to this ver' night.
They wuz all black, but fer the eyes..they wuz evil yellow and glowt in the night like Satan hisself done come to call, but Days wuz worse seein'im right outta nowheres..dint look natch'ral, kinna thing ate yer soul right out'cher stomach...and a whole han'ful o'them...A man, any man wuz mess hisself...knowd I did.
They dint attack at yer. like a wolf, sirree they jes look you's in da' eyes and a'stsre you down....then ZANGABANG, ya's got one on yer back and one rippin yer stuff out yer middle. They dint take me, tehy dint take you'ins or yer Ma's sisters boy. Danged Brother o' yer'n got it in his thick skull he'd givem a whoopin' like they aint never seen...well, they still aint seen one." Putting his pipe to his lips, a match in hand, he took a toke of his pipe while tears rolleddown his cheeks.


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It took parts 1 and 2 to learn the "language" and after that...:2thumb:
Bring on parts 4,5 and 6. :beercheer:

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Memories, part 4

Just as son as they were there, they were gone...and so was my brother. Not as in he was dead, no sirree dickeree-do..gone as in disapeert.
Blood was all over the danged place, and whats left of his shirt. Here's how Pa tells it.
"It were like a sniff in the wind, there then gone. A moment they be on us like stink on dead, then just were like magic.
We wuz a stunned stoopid fer a minute, then i jes a woke up and got us the hotmess outta thar, but it werent no good. If'n m'a boy was one o' them now, he'd have the smell in his nose..and right soon too.
I know'd we hadta move like fleas on a dawg, an I wuz right next'a a'leavin' the cart behind and jes runnin but sumthin said not ta'do' I's jes kept tha danged cart right thar...dint move a danged muscle. "
My pa would go on to say that we didnt move for 3 days, account of them monsters...fact is, he was grieving for my brother. He had lost my Ma not long before and to lose his oldest really hit him hard.
what we didnt know was that Fate, the vicious bitch she is would smile her wicked smile toward us all to soon...and us with out "pants down" so to say.

From Pa.
"It were mebbe a week gone sins' we lost m'a boy. Me with 2 youngins', a danged heavy cart to pull , and we wuz hungry like no otha'...we had some dem food cans left, but if things wuz gonna git worse...we'd need'm. Dem boys, took to holdin' dem cans in they arms like it wuz they'z own heart...Shucks, if'n I had arm to use fer my own and not to pull this danged cart..I'd hold one too.
Truth is, I wuz jes watchin' them and'a wishin for food aint no one got no more..stuff like pot roast and a big ol' bowl of Mash taters with that thick borwn gravy jes oozin' all over...with a big ol' glass o' Sweet tea. with a slice o' peeeee-can pie. A feeler would feel so full his gizzards done bout to bust...
Now, m'a gizzards eatin my tongue so's it dont forget what it wuz like to really eat....but that aint here nor thar.
Anyways, like I wuz sayin'...I wuz jes a wishin fer food when it wuz like a Genie in a bottle heard m'a words...cuz a herd o' Mulies done come through like it was huntin season, an jes that quick it hit me in the head like a rock...theyz a bein run down by somethin'. I wuz so busy thinkn I dint hear...
I dint hear the monster a chasin them down....big ol' tank come thru the trees, I had bout 2 second ta grab tha boys and jump behind a tree...then ZANGABANG all we had in the world wuz gone. The cart, the food in cans, all our stuff done got runned ova' by that tank and I wuz fit to be tied.
I grabbed the cans outta the boys hands and whizzed them at the tank and they both jes went "PLONK" on the side...dint do no good, but I felt jes a might bit better...when the tank stopt.
Aint never seen no tank up close but the boys seen it as some kind o' monster, and when the lid done opened up, they both flinched hard.
I wuz gna walk ova' and give that thar tank runner a page right outta m'a head...real close and personal like, if'n ya catch m'a drift.
So's the lid done open up and this here tank runner gets out, all skinny and stank like a whole passel of dead things...but it werent no man, no sirree bob. it were a girl, mebbee 15 or 16.
Well that jes set me off and I went to bitin' her head off and her a bitin' mine off and pretty soon she wuz jes a cryin' her dirty lil head off..." Pa just a rockin' in his chair and lookin into memory.

Times have been hard for us, for a long bit. Some days it felt like we had some kinda target on our backs. Everywhere we went we had some kind of trouble. What we dint know, was that there really was a war going on. We hadnt ever seen it up close and personal..but we were right on its heels.
We still didnt know anything about the monsters, and we didnt ask anything if'n we did see others...I figure it was a given they knew about them.

Heres Pa again...
"Well jes what in the Hootin Hell are youin's doin runnin arount in a tank?" Pa asked the...tank girl. She was a tiny spot of a thing, no bigger than a minute but you could see she had some mettle in 'er.
"....and jes what'ya goona do bout our stuff? Hmm? all our food, and clothes and our home..where we gonna sleep now to stay out the cold? DInt think bout that didya when ya done went an ran ova' our stuff." I was all but yellin at her..and she jes stood there and cried.
I finally spillt m'a gizzards at her jes sat down, I wuz tired and draint in m'a head.
She stood there for a few minutes and jes cried....then she spoke.
"I aint seen no one....not one soul since they bombed us. Do you understand what I'm saying? Nine, ten months with not one person to hold onto or to talk to." she said. I jes looked at her, and you could see something in her had jes let go.
I was about to say I wuz sorry, until she spoke up agin...
" NINE MONTHS ALONE. HUNGRY AND DIRTY LIKE A DAMN ANIMAL...AND YOU SCARE OFF MY DINNER!!! AN. AN...AN YOU HAVE THE STONES TO YELL AT ME FOR RUNNING OVER THAT PATHETIC THING YOU CALL A CART?" She got this angry look on her face, wiped off the tears and done cross't her arms...right then and dere..I knowd my biscuits wuz cook'd.

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Missions for the church? Just got my respect! :2thumb:

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I'm a likin it..i growed up with folks talkin like that so it was easy to understand for me... say's sumptin eh?

anyway get to it when ya can..

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tbc....coming this week

Weez rahl sorrah, but dah bawses still gots us on
Over 3 MONTHS AND PRODUCTION IS STILL GOING STRONG IN AMERICAN COMPAMY THAT MAKES IT AN THE U.S....and while thats good formy bills my tithe and mu cjild means lil to no time for creating.
Thsnks for the support, and i'll get some new stuff out this week.

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Memories in Black and White, Part 5..

Pa and that dere tank girl just sat and looked at 'chtother forevah, while I tried to find somethin still fer eatin.
Dint find much, but some'o'tha cans made it through.
"lessgoboy" Pa yelled at me.
I graybbed up what I could, and Pa hitched me up on the tank, Guess we wuz gna follow her now.
The East Coast of the U.S up to the OuterBanks of NC are simply wastelands, while Raleigh up past Philly is all radioactive slag for the foreseeable future.
The Midwest is just impenetrable from Chicago down to St. Louis, Zombie-WTFisits are every where. while the rest isnt known yet.
The west coast is still largely intact, while anything that breathes is dead. Some Bio thingy that was aerosolized and released. Nothing escaped...Not even Lindsay Lohan.
The only real area left of any value is the great lakes region, which is large and for the most part untouched except for the fact that China, Korea and Russia run it now.
..and now back to your show.

We traveled forever, and I dint have to walk none at all. Pa even let me ride out the top hole as we blurred by this'n'that.
This here girl had no whereto go, but Pa..He had him a picture what said where we had to go..someplace called Grizzle.
We rode and rode and rode. sometimes Pa he cried cuz of the monsters but I dint never see him sleep or even close his eyes.
Pa said it this ways.
When that dere chil' come a gunnin and ruint mah cart, we hadda go wit her. and it was might bit safer fer them youngins and dint none us hafta walk none for a might long while. We wuz ovah round Buffalo in New Yahk and we hadta get to Gros Isle ovah by Dee-trot. Little spit o land, easy to keep them freaks offa.
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