Media Blackout over Crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant

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    Have you guys seen anything on the news about the Nebraska nuke plant that has any new information in it? I haven't! And I think there's a media blackout.

    I have been getting information from midwest tweets on Twitter, non-corporate independent news, and first hand accounts.

    The situation IS NOT GOOD.

    According to a Tweet by CalFireNews Cal Fire News by AGreenRoad

    #Nebraska: #FAA Flight Restrictions #TFR Fort Calhoun Station #1 Nuclear Plant.

    PICTURE PROOF: Nebraska Nuclear Power Plants Missouri River Flood Conditions

    This is a NBC-affiliated site: Ft. Calhoun Flood Defenses

    Jeff Hanson says, "Protecting the vital assets we have sandbagged and placed earthen berms around the substations which guarantees the power can get into the plant to keep the plant powered."
    "The facility was taken offline to refuel earlier this year so the containment building has been flooded by OPPD in order to cool the fuel rods".

    They obviously have evacuated all the workers of this plant. It's also obviously they flooded the area for an attempt to cool the fuels rods of the plant.

    This is a report with a very downplayed effort to not startle anyone. This was from 2 weeks ago stating that there was fire and smoke and the equipment malfunctioned:
    Smoke Causes Scare At Nuclear Plant - Omaha News Story - KETV Omaha

    Nebraska Plant Fuel Rod Cooling System Fails...For HOURS:
    Nebraska Nuclear Plant Lost Cooling System After Fire -

    And another tidbit: CBS 3 News in Omaha reports that OPPD has issued a news release stating that a "notification of unusual event indicates events are in process or have occurred which indicate potential impact to the plant."

    Learn more: Officials declare 'unusual event' at Nebraska nuclear plant as record floods ravage Midwest

    And although I don't trust Russia, Russia has been reporting on this incident as well as the U.K.

    A shocking report prepared by Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) on information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant located in Nebraska.
    According to this report, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suffered a “catastrophic loss of cooling” to one of its idle spent fuel rod pools on 7 June after this plant was deluged with water caused by the historic flooding of the Missouri River which resulted in a fire causing the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to issue a “no-fly ban” over the area.

    All these people reporting on this can't be lying. Its there to find on the Internet
    if you want to look for answers. I'm sure we'll find out (if we're not nuked) in 6 or
    so months on what really happened....maybe...
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    Nothing to see here folks, move along now.

    Oh [email protected]@k... Something shiny over there! ====>

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    With concerns still high from the Japan plant the government wants to be sure the sheeple don't panic and demand action while they are concentrating on re-election. So what if we get a little or a lot of radiation our elected officials will know before it reaches DC and they have safe, well stocked bunkers.
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    I continue to see this issue covered vevery cpl days on Fox News
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    I hope and pray for all who is near this new danger to our nation.

    if you have any place to go for awhile,I'd be leaving.Get a radiation gieger'spl'if you can.

    Ask some neighbors to go in with you if you can't afford one.
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  9. Meerkat

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    Yall take care out there.This is serious.
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    It's glowing actually.....:confused:

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    Think what you want. 0:43 seconds of the ABC news video it says there is a 10 mile evacuation. They say it on other news websites.

    Jesus, you all were jumping for the Fukushima incident. Scared, concerned, and motivated. But when it's in your own backyard, you can sit on your back and play with your toes.
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    Not me, I've been watching this every day; it's the media not reporting that could be the problem...I read an article saying Ft. Calhoun and New Mexico nuke plants are not even in American's vocabulary---now whose fault is that??
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    And that the fire that's jeopardizing the nuclear lab is heading right for it QUICKLY.

  14. power

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    Surely there is a member here that lives in the area, even within the evacuation area.
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    I also am waiting to have someone "local" to the plant report on it.

    If you want to see where the direct impact of the radiation would be, check out the "nuclear map" and put in Fort Calhoun, NE as the center of the radiation. Choose a "weapon" to find out how far it will reach and pick wind-direction as well (I picked that the wind blows from the north-west towards the south-east).

    Ground Zero II | Carloslabs

    The big-town of Omaha is near (25 miles), and, from the GroundZero link, Omaha looks to be relatively safe.
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    Just another product of things we are not suppose to mention.

    All the fires in Arizona,New Mexico were started by illegals,many in florida are too.

    They start the fires for strees signals to attract attention when they need help crossing the border,the agents run out there take them to ER [ least the ones not closed down by them yet].But most are started by drug runners and coyoties to distract police and agents away from their areas.

    But this is not PC and very unpopular so the messenger will be socialy and politically persecuted.
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    On the news this morning they said one of the fires was started by a tree falling on a power line. Think it was the fire threatening the nuke plant.
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    Ok Dear this one earns the BS flag also.

    Point me to some FACTS that illegals are setting all of the wildfires. The Los Alamos fire was caused by a tree falling on a power line. Besides McCain making some bizarre comment the everyone jump on, where are the FACTS that illegals have set any of the CURRENT fires.

    I'm not trying to shoot the messenger here, but back it up with fact in lieu of rhetoric that some of these talk show host spout off to get people in an emotional uproar.
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    I have a brother In Law that works at the Fort Calhoun Plant.

    This report is total ********.

    A flood of water is in no way a danger to a Nuclear Reactor, PEOPLE< a reactor core is cooled with WATER, the problems with reactors are caused by NOT MAINTAINING ENOUGH COOLING in the reaction vessel.

    The japanese reactor went critical because the earthquake disrupted the flow of cooling water to the core.

    In the event of a shutdown, it takes a long time to cool the core reaction, depending on how many fuel rods are activated.

    In the event of a FLOODED reactor, it would be impossible to boil off the cooling water, since the entire reactor would be essentially, under water.

    In fact, the Calhoun plant has been off line for several months prior to the current flood for the replacement of the fuel rods, and a rise in water levels of several more feet would be needed even to produce a stage two alert.

    Sorry, but this report is lame.

    Anyone that lives near a Nuke plant should be prepared to evacuate in a few minutes, but like any location, you should be ready to do so in ANY EVENT OR LOCATION.
  20. TheAnt

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    First off, fires in Florida were probably NOT set by illegals trying to cross the border as they would have to swim the border. I know nothing about the NM fire... I thought that was one that burned over from AZ which was probably started by some legal stupid human. There ARE several fires which have recently (at the same time) been burning. One of these fires actually started on the Mexico side of the border where nobody but border patrol and illegals go (from what Ive heard)... I can only draw the conclusion that in all likelyhood this was another example of a fire started by illegals to draw attention away from their human/drug smuggling activity. This is a perfectly reasonable conclusion as it has been done before (from what Ive heard). But facts? No, youre probably not going to hear many facts because there is no money in facts. But alas, Ill see if I can dig something up...

    Fire was likely started by illegal immigrants, Dever says | | Tucson, Arizona

    A fire in San Diego county caused by illegal immigrants:
    Cal Fire: Cowboy Fire started by lost illegal immigrants - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -

    Dont know how credible this one is but I can vouch for the pictures of trash... Ive seen TONS of that:
    Desert Invasion - U.S. - Destruction of U.S. border national forests, monuments, parks, and deserts -

    Talking about the Alpine fire:
    Illegal Immigrant Effects on the United States

    Fact is most of the stuff Ive read never even tells what caused the fires officially so I suppose we are left to conjecture?