Meat Cutting Classes in Essex, VT

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    As part of our homeschooling my son and I have been taking meat cutting classes with a local butcher. He has asked me to pass this along to other people who might be interested in classes. I thought you might be interested for a news story, local interest and all that.


    Walter Jeffries
    Sugar Mountain Farm
    Pastured Pigs in Vermont
    [email protected]
    Vermont Pastured Pigs

    Learn Meat Cutting and Sausage Making
    Master Butcher Cole Ward

    Where: Sweet Clover Market, Essex Shopping Center
    Web: Sweet Clover Market
    Map: Sweet Clover Market - Reach Us / Jobs
    Contact: Cole Ward (802) 881-1468 cell, 872-8288 market
    When: Tuesdays in March & April
    Time: 5 pm to 8 pm
    Cost: $75/class or $390 for all six classes (saves $60)
    Register by Monday, March 9th for the first class - space limited

    March 10th - Whole Pig
    Learn to break a whole pig into primal cuts and then to perfect retail cuts. You will benefit from this whether you process a pig at home or send your pigs off to the processing facility.

    March 17th - Sausage
    Cole Ward makes the best sausages and now is your chance to learn from the master himself in this three hour sausage making class. You will prepare Bangers, Maple Breakfast sausage, Italian and Chorizo red wine and brandy sausages. Includes recipes and tasting of the sausages.

    March 24th - Whole Pig Refresher
    Get your hands into the pig!

    March 31st - Beef Hind-Quarter
    Learn to divide a hind quarter into primal cuts and then the best retail cuts.

    April 7th - Beef Fore-Quarter
    Learn to divide a fore quarter into primal cuts and then the best retail cuts.

    April 14th - Whole Lamb
    Learn ow to French a rack of lamb, cut lamb chops, bone out a leg of lamb and what to grind for ground lamb. You will get recipes for apricot lamb sausage and mint lamb sausage.
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    I'd love to go but I live too far away.