Maybe there IS something to the Birth Certificate kerfluffle.

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    Very good article. Soooo many questions left unanswered. So many working to be sure that they aren't answered!

    What are they hiding from us ... and why?

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    I went to this site

    this was one of the things in it, it's an audio , I knew it was going to be trying to sell something at the end.. BUT the first 40 or so minutes were very interesting... he gets into buying Silver.. one of those we can store it for you etc etc.. things.. but the information up front made a great deal of sense.. I'd like one of you folks who are into PM's to listen to it.. and tell the rest of us what your thoughts are.. on the whole tape, not just buying PM's.. IF the information in the first part is even half right then we as a people and nation are so screwed!!!

    Stansberry's Investment Advisory
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    What is #4?? The world's most valuable asset in a time of crisis???