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    On the news this morning was a article about the people of a Costa Rican town and how many lived to be 100 .It could be primarily based on their diet and way of life .The article also mention and showed the introduction to the town of the American way of eating ,fast food places are going up all over the place and signs of obesity ,cholesterol , heart diseases are beginning to show .
    These Costa Rican dishes are easy tasty — and may help you live to 100
    I guess they also wanted to sell the book but it was interesting to see how natural their way of life was ,how simple ,everything provided by Mother Nature .
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    What most of these "news" stories fail to take into consideration is that it is not the diet alone that produces the extended life expectancies. It's that much of the ingredients used in their diet are organic, non chemical laden, non GMO, non processed, and non preserved. Like you said, natural and simple. Which is why eating the same diet in places like the US would not necessarily yield the same results (unless you produce your own food). You can't even buy a steak at a grocery store here and know what chemical cocktails were fed to or injected in that cow, what processed non-food garbage they fed it, what acceptable diseases it had, etc., etc.

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    I visit my wifes grandma at the old folks home all the time. Its the nicest, best facility in an area that has a lot of really good options. I have no wish to live to 100.
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    I'm sure it's just random. I'm sure those places have a lower life expectancy than developed countries.
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    Too many studies have come out that proved that the diet had little influence on longevity. What they did find was that DNA had a large influence of the your years till death.

    They found that their are 3 basic DNA strands that dictate everyone's life span.

    The first group will die in their 40's and 50's.
    The second will die in their 60's and 70's and 80's.
    And their is the 5% that will live into their 90's and beyond.
    If you are in that middle group, almost nothing you do will extend your life into the 90's. My whole family is in that group, I'm almost 64 and will be happy to see 75.

    I lived on fast food for 20 years and never had a serious weight problem even though I was averaging 10,000 calories a day most of the time. I was on a see food diet. I never started gaining weight till my 40's and now I'm eating fast food at least once a day and am back to my weight when I graduated from HS.

    What really affects longevity is not food but physical abuse like smoking, drinking and lack of activity (exercise). The problem is that most will blame there health problems a food because they absolutely don't want to face their real problems.
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    Exactly......there are numerous "pockets" of these long-lived people in various parts of the wold, and they ALL have the same thing in common....they're not eating a bunch of damn chemical additives, preservatives, and GMOs, nor are they devouring sugar like it's the best thing since sliced bread. (They all seem to drink a pretty fair amount of wine, too! :D )