May 21st???

Discussion in 'Religion' started by TrackerRat, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. TrackerRat

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    I have not bought off on this but I see billboards everywhere depicting what the bible is stating whats to come. Is anyone in belief that this could happen next month? Is it really written in the bible? Is anyone prepping for this?
  2. Ponce

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    I really don't know what is going on........but just in case I'll paint a cross in my front door and hide a shootgun behind the same of those two should work :2thumb:

  3. Dixie

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    No, it is not and I can't wait until May 22!
  4. Salekdarling

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    This thread should probably get moved over to the religion section but I can tell you this much as a Christian:

    Mark 13:32 But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.

    I would suggest you read Mark 13:32-36 for good measure and Matthew 24:36 and Act 1:7. The scripture states several times the same thing in different chapters. The folks, saying May 21 is the end of days, aren't keeping up on scripture apparently. Either way, keep vigilant and be prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and most importantly spiritually. God bless you my friend. :D
  5. OldCootHillbilly

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    You bet, very important date an were preppin like crazy fer it! More a the garden goes in!

    Ain't noboby what can tell ya when a disaster er the end a days er whatever gonna happen. It will come in it's own good time an all we can do is live our lives an keep on preppin fer whatever we beleive we need ta.
  6. Westfalia

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    No. I do not prep for specific dates or predicted events. We have allot of people how makes predictions, but for some reason the end of the world predictions never come true. And when something happen there is always someone how can say that they “predicted” that it would. When they win the lottery every month I will take them seriously, because that is the amount of factors that they will have to be able to calculate to know what is coming.

    In short: I think this type of Predictions is bad, and not helping anyone. Just stressing people and creating fear.

    If I would make a prediction it would be something like this: within the next year we will see a major crisis that will affect several countries and that was not foreseen by anyone.

    Such a predication could match 9/11, the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia, The Swine Flu, The 2006 Tsunami, The Haiti Earthquake, The Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Crisis, The End of the Cold War, The Icelandic Eruption that blocked air travel etc. Events take place all the time that no one sees coming. This is the type of events that I fear, not the predictions made that never come true.
  7. Clarice

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    There are so many world changing factors today. It's like being on a tightrope and the ends are fraying. You know it is going to break and soon. Prepare for the worst and Pray for the best.
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    Yes Clarice. I was talking to my brother yesterday and told him I felt like the world was a dry grass field and all it would take is one tiny spark and BOOM it begins. As we were talking and discussing it- I realized how silly I was. It had already begun.. thats why all the madness in the world.. but all we do is keep on adding to the preparedness, hoping we will be ready.. but never DONE, should...when, the time push comes to shove and shove comes to BANG
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  10. PamsPride

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    Don't tell my 8 yo about this! His birthday is the 22nd! And he is supposed to get a pony and cart for his birthday!
  11. Dixie

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    Does anyone know how they arrived at this date? Have they ever explained "Why May 21st"??
  12. CulexPipiens

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    There have been a bunch of small roadside signs that have recently appeared in my area.

    May 21st

    I did finally get around to going to the site. RIght on the main page is a link to a PDF about this. They claim the bible says that 7 (God days) after the flood will be the rapture. Then then define the flood as occurring in 4990BC and that a God day is actually 1000 of our years so 2011 is 7 "days" after the flood. How they picked the 21st I don't remember.

    What caught me is the "BEGINS" prominently featured. This way when everyone ways up on the 22nd they can say that it has started but it will take a long time to finish or some other "save face" story.
  13. The_Blob

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    that's when Krusty Burger launches the Burger Squared

    [ame=]YouTube - Apocalypse in The Simpsons[/ame]
  14. Magus

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    More nuts and cults.

    yeah,its t3h apoxyklipz.:rolleyes:
  15. HarleyRider

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    Scripture says that only the Father knows the date and time, so that's good enough for me. :2thumb:
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    I hate the date predictions. No wonder a lot of the world considers Christians "fruit loops" Matthew 24 Jesus explains alot of what we are/have been experiencing as "the beginning of sorrows but the time is not yet" Then He says it's the end of the age.

    Keep your eyes on Him, prepare as Noah and share with others His peace and love.
  17. Brush

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    I agree that we will not know the date or hour but Jesus said we will know the season as a farmer knows his crops are close to harvest by what he sees. We will know the time is close by what we see. And I believe we are close because of what we see going on on the earth today. He also said that the generation who watches Isreal became a nation again will not pass away before his return for His faithfull. That happened in 1949. Folks we are close so get ready.
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  18. DJgang

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    I heard Harold Camping being interviewed on my catholic radio the other day....not at all saying Catholics endorse him...not at all...

    He said that date was 7000 years after the flood. now, how does he know the date of the flood...hum :nuts:

    The hosts tried to get him to book for the 22nd. He wouldn't.