Marine Birthday

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  1. Stu Padasso

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    If the Arny & Navy ever looked on heaven seans
    They would find there wives on there knees
    blowing U.S. Marines!!!!

    Happy Birth Day...Devil Dogs.....Leather necks...slimmy D&^k Mother F&^%&%s...Prowlin & growilin....snooping...and pooping......Bad A&^ Jarheads
    Bless our brothers that are fighting now.....and as always for a Gov"t that really don't give a s&^t about them.....
    Nothing is to good for our Vet's....
    That what they get
    Sgt U.S.M.C
    Viet Nam 69-70
    1 st Recon...Bravo--3--Bravo
  2. bunkerbob

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    I think we can keep the crude limericks :eek:to PMs rather than on the open forum. I am a veteran and proud of all who have served.