Man Cited for Disorderly Conduct for Paying $25 Medical Bill with 2,500 Pennies

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    On Monday June 6, 2011, 8:24 am EDT

    VERNAL, Utah (AP) -- A Utah man has been cited on a charge of disorderly conduct after paying for a disputed medical bill with 2,500 pennies.

    The Deseret News of Salt Lake City reports Jason West went to Basin Clinic in Vernal on May 27 prepared to dispute an outstanding $25 bill.

    Assistant Vernal Police Chief Keith Campbell says that after asking staff members whether they accepted cash, West dumped 2,500 pennies on the counter and asked that the staff count them.

    Campbell says the incident upset staff because pennies fell off the counter and onto the floor, and West's action served "no legitimate purpose."

    Police later issued the 38-year-old West a citation for disorderly conduct. That carries a fine of as much as $140. Or 14,000 pennies.

    How easy would it be to count pennies 100 at a time 25 times? It would take time but f**k, it's LEGAL TENDER, CASH. It's not like the guy threw them in the staff's face and was screaming like a lunatic.

    And "no legitimate purpose?" HE WANTED TO PAY HIS DISPUTED BILL!


    I remember working in fast food as a kid. EVERY DAY people would pay for about $25 worth of food in pennies. EVERY DAY. I never knew I could have them cited for DISORDERLY CONDUCT...
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    I would be willing to bet this guy theatrically dumped them on the counter and did cause a scene. I'm sure he propably could have done this tactfully and saved himself some grief.

    If, he did handle it calmly, then I would go to court.

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    there has to be something more to it than that...

    my friend payed his wife's medical bill with a twenty-odd-something thousand dollar check that was buried under two THOUSAND dollars in 'pennies' in a wheelbarrow because they were being such pricks about his payments not being made in a "timely manner"

    FYI: the USA doesn't have a 'penny', it is a 'one cent piece' ;)
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    They won't accept payin a parkin ticket here with pennies, say they don't have ta. Legal tender means they should have ta take it.

    If I was that feller I'd a said "so, your refusin payment"? If they woulda said yes, he be free an clear on the bill.
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    Exact thing happened to me 10 or so years ago when I was changing banks to refinance my mortgage. Original bank quoted a date and payoff amount, New refi went thru and they were issued check for the amount on the date they quoted. A month or so goes by and New bank contacts me saying that my lien would not be released from old bank. Call them and they said I still owed $600+ . Argued with them and they said they made an error to which I replied, that myself, being self employed, that when I make a mistake, I basically have to bend over and take it like a man. They found no humor in that and told me until it was paid that they would not sign off. Sooo.. I went to the bank and ordered $600+ in pennies, had the kids unwrap them into 5 gal buckets which I labeled with the amount, and took them to pay off the disputed debt. (wife with video cam and employee to help me wheel them in). They in short told me that they would not accept because they were not wrapped. Told them that "my word was good and I would gaurantee to the penny the amount labeled on the buckets was correct even though their word was not as reliable since they had quoted me a payoff amount that was not correct". In the end. they offered me the choice to wheel them down a set of marble steps in the bank to the coin sorter and they would accept them then ( in hindsight, I should have accepted becasue I think the buckets would have tossed me down the steps and right now I would probably be the owner of that bank due to injuries sutained in the fall.. hindsight is always 20/20), but instead we opted to split with our pennies before the "lawman" arrived as I now know that it is illegal to videotape in a bank I was told by them. End of story. I am permanently banned from National City Bank.. who really cares... and I sent them a check for the amount...
    It made for an exciting day was about it... Hard to beat the man...

    Thats my story...
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    Same here in Little Rhody...

    I went to a government office and had to pay a fee for a needed document. They would not take a check, nor would they take cash ("This note is legal tender for ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC and PRIVATE" is written on every piece of US currency.). I had to get a money order to pay for the document. :mad:

    What was the needed document? It was a BCI (Bureau of Criminal Identification) clearance needed for a security job. What was the issuing agency? The Office of the Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island! (Seems that a lot of cash went missing from there over the years!) :eek: (Who shall guard those self-same guardians?)
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    Yep, our city clerk still takes cash, but it's frowned on for the same reason. Money orders at least keep the honest folks honest I suppose. Unless I'm mistaken, coins can be used to make purchases or pay debts, but large amounts can be refused if not rolled. I've been told that before anyway.
    I'd just about bet that the guy caused a scene when he dumped them on the desk. There's no way I'm arresting somebody for disorderly conduct for just paying a debt with loose coins.