Making butter

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    its actually even easier than that! :) you can simply take the cream or milk directly from a cow if you happen to have one and toss it into a jar and cap it tightly. Make the kids go on an hour long walk and wiggle and turn the jar as they go. when they return from the walk you have butter. Remove any liquid from the top and use for making breads :) and salt your butter.

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    I found a great recipe for making homemade butter, but i want to make sure i can can it so that it wont have to be fridgerated i thought about making the butter and do like i found in other recipes for premade butter and boil on the stove and then pour in to jars and shake until it hardens again in the other recipes for canning butter that is what they did. i was wondering if that would work for the home made too.
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    Churn baby churn! Disco inferno!
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    Thanks a lot. That will now be in my head all night.