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Making a Generator

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Wouldn't it be cheaper to be able to take the horse power engine of a generator then bolt it to something that has the electricity converting part on it so you can buy the two things separately? Is this possible to make your own generator this way?
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not sure what you mean. If you have an engine you can by the part that bolts on to it. harbor freight sells them. There are only two parts the engine and the generator. The wires that come out of the generator go directly to the outlets through circuit breakers along the way. There is no inverter or transformer or the like.

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awalker19. My brother used an old 5hp briggs mounted to a board. the other end of the board had a car alternator mounted on a pivot with a heavy spring. You have to have a 12v battery to "energize" the alternator windings. once it's charging it'll put out what it needs to depending on load. This can be built for cheap and all you need to add is a small 400w - 1500w ac inverter. to run epuipment/tools.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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