Makes me sick...

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    And that's what most people don't's the ILLEGAL part! I don't have a problem with LEGAL immigrants, especially those who become Americans, and especially if they learn our language.

    But the illegals? You're right, lex, they're criminals. If they can't be here legally, then we shouldn't be giving them anything other than a ride back to their homeland.

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    The very mentality of the government of CA is the reason it will be the first to sink...
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    the Anchor Baby Loophole really gets my goat, WHY do we allow women 8+ MONTHS pregnant to come here?
    It's pretty obvious just WHAT they are after...
    I understand wanting to make a better life for you & yours, I really do, but that is a SLAP to the face of every immigrant that came here through 'proper channels' :mad:

    [ame=]YouTube - Immigration Gumballs[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - Updated 2010[/ame]
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    All the money wasted on the ILLEGALS, and the California government has to wonder WHY the danged state is BROKE!? Common Sense is dead in that state legislature....... :eek:
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    Hey Blob
    Thanks for the Vids!! I had seen the first one but not the updated one.. it's too scary to contemplate yet we must.. that shows that the worst is for sure coming, the world can no longer sustain such growth.

    In nature when a species over grows the ability for the area to sustain them , mother nature simply shrugs and they are gone... our turn is coming...
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    The American citizen is low man on the totem pole and has been for some years now..any self respecting country would have taken care of these politicians along time ago .. Cartel style