make your own off the grid fuel (now and later)

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  1. trillionbamboo

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    free fuel after the apocalypse (and before) using pyrolysis

    this process has enough scope or latitude in it to work under many conditions

    process dry biomass (wood,leaves,agricultural waste,tumbleweeds,etc) that would rot anyway

    result is biogas that you can use in bbq, vehicle, generator, gas refrigerator, etc

    here is a link to diagrams and explanations:
    Making biofuel using pyrolysis

    you shouldn't do this in your living room, better to do it far outside

    don't be a danger to yourself and others

    will need some experimentation to make it more optimal

    safety first, live to gas yourself another day
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    I'm going to be using natural gas condensate, with some octane boosters, in my gasoline powered engines. I get several gallons a week right now, in my drip tank. Over at the well, there's a 500 barrel tankful of it. It's on my land now... "afterwards" the entire well will be mine.

    Free gas is a blessing.