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I wondered about this when I first read this thread so I googled it and marked this page.
Battery Desulfation - Storage
It's something I've wanted to try on a couple of old batteries but haven't got around to it yet.
I actually bought the supplies to make several of those... I just haven't finished assembling any of them. Started one weekend when the wife and son were away, but got busy with other things. Maybe this winter.

I've been following the blog from this guy... Mikey Sklar... who saw that original desulphator design, and decided to improve it.
his blog... Holy Scrap Hot Springs
his desulphator... :: Mikey Sklar :: Electric Clothing :: Holy Scrap Hot Springs: Bulk Desulfators

He is also working on another desulphator... Holy Scrap Hot Springs: Battery deluxe (BatDLX)
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