Magus' hobo stove.

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  1. Magus

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    No pics,won't need 'em.

    Take a coffey [<-- can't spell it,don't drink it either.]can,empty obviously.
    Preforate several large holes around the rim.

    a roll of cheap toilet paper.[Make sure there's more TP!]

    Pour in 1/4 bottle of rubbing alcohol,let it soak about 5 minutes.

    Light a piece of paper and drop it in.

    It produces enough heat to fry an egg in a thin skillet or warm a small hunting blind,it lasts 30-45 minutes.
  2. Big B

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    Coffee, brother, two e's

    Don't feel bad, spell check is my friend:p

  3. Magus

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    I normally don't need it,but when I screw up,its usually something a 4th grader could get,lol
  4. flatwater

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    When I worked as a corrections officer in the old days when inmates were allowed matches, they would take a long strip of toilet paper and make a donut out of it. They then would lay it on the cement floor and light it. it produced a smokeless blue flame that would boil a pint of liquid in a milk carton in about 2 minutes.