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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BayouShaman, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Wearied a bit of another forum, so checked around and after reading here for a while, think this would be a happier fit. I am more a prepper than a survivalist, and not very political. I am very even handed in apportioning blame (big grin), though most goes to us for electing these fools and not paying enough attention long ago. That about sums up my political views, and this was the main reason I have wearied of a different forum. Everything comes down directly to being Obama's fault :( there. EVERYTHING. Corn doing badly? Obama. Roof leak? Obama. I am more a sympathizer for Obama,now,after suffering that cyber-environment, than I was before, which is to say that now, I do not care about ANY of them.

    I have an old cabin on a coupla acres I am trying to tackle, and am looking to learn more about homesteading issues, and to expand my prepping. I do not live there full-time, but hope to in a year or so when I can make it pay a bit of my way. I enjoy beekeeping and have a few hives there I want to expand, soon, to get to work on making some income back from it.

    So, I am "ahead" of many by having a place, and way behind as rugged shape as it is in and slow prepping due to cashflow. Hoping to make new friends and find more who do not mind just talking without dragging politics into every single discussion and topic... or guns and ammo and THEN Obama :rolleyes:

    Be Well.
  2. TheAnt

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    Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of good homesteading information here but not much love for Obama -- sorry.:)

  3. BayouShaman

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    LOL, nah, I do not require love for him, just keeping it real. There are enough facts without exaggerating :). I like guns, too, though it is not a matter of talking a lot about what I have, how many rounds, etc.
  4. goshengirl

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    Welcome! :wave:

    I lived in Louisiana for a number of years - hope to get back there some day. :)

    Glad you've got the cabin to work on - I'm sure that keeps you more than enough busy.
  5. gypsysue

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us!

    I don't have much love for most of our politicians, and think they pretty much all share the blame.

    Hope you enjoy it here on the forum!

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    also from central Louisiana here. welcome aboard.:wave:
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    Welcome, please share your knowledge with us. DH is also a bee keeper. We just lost a large hive to the bears. Nothing left of it. The scrap wood he/she left was licked clean of every drop of honey. No bees, no wax foundations, not one piece of wood salvegable. Since it was 5 boxes high we had it bound together with a strap to keep the winds from turning it over that is all that survived, the strap.
  8. TNmedicman

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    Welcome from East Tennessee Glad to have you
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    Thank you for the welcome, new friends :).

    Clarice, I am sorry to hear about your bees gone to the bears. Not a great deal to do easily to stop bears after honey :(. I have never had to deal with that problem as yet, but have seen other beeks waging war against bears over their hives and it can get pretty high tech if they just don't give up and move the apiary.
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    Welcome to the forums :wave: