losing more in the name of security

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  1. Asatrur

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    Another step in the direction of losing our Goodbye to more anonymity in the name of security.

    Are we any closer to the people/sheeple start demanding real change and not the obummer type
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    Devin, that is a bad link.

  3. Asatrur

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    I received a E-mail the other day from my internet carrier (Comcast) about them starting monitor the internet usage. They are tracking people or companies that use over a certian amount of search time on the net? :eek: They said it would only apply to these people and not to worry, but I could look up how much I used by going to the link they sent me.
    That is creepy and makes me feel like I being watched.:mad:
    As for the track phones I can understand them wanting to track down the bad guys, but what else will this lead to. :scratch or what are they already doing with out us knowing.
    They just do thing and send you a e-mail after the fact!:gaah:
  5. gypsysue

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    Oh, give me a break! Are our politicians really stupid enough to think that requiring ID to buy a prepaid trackfone going to stop or catch terrorists, or make it easier for them to find a terrorist? What a laugh? Don't you think the terrorists would just use fake ID's? Duh!!! Or they'd just assume they'd get out of the country and wouldn't get caught, and probably be proud to be on our "most wanted" list! Just another way for our leaders to harass the law-abiding folks.
  6. kogneto

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    the prepaid thing is also an effort to curb gangs from buying and dumping prepaid phones (The Wire features them about every 10 seconds)

    as for comcast, they aren't tracking what you're viewing just how much, effort to curb illegal downloaders. I think they call it throttling, when they slow down your bandwidth according to how much you use, totally lame. information and it's acquisition should never be so draconian.

    but the prepaid thing makes sense to me
  7. gypsysue

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    How would it curb gangs from buying and dumping prepaid phones?
  8. NaeKid

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    Many "gangs" are based around a school or "zone" or culture. Because gangs are not islands unto themselves, there are ways for them to get the prepaid phones - convince a parent to get it for them, a non-member-friend (associate) to get them - or - get a "job" in a 7-11 and just "forget" to send in the paperwork ... .

    If someone wants something bad enough, they will always find a way to get what they need.
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    They have been watching everyone for years, they just want to make it official. The track phone is bull, get a big magnum of wine, find a homeless person to go buy phone, trade wine and fade into the wood work. Laws for crap like this is the kinda bulls&*$ that is creeping up little by little. :mad: