Long Term v Short Term

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    I just was sittin' here thinking . . .(yeah, it hurts)
    What is long term and what is short term, not in terms of storage
    but of the time it takes for things to get settled.
    By settled, I mean things get, relatively, back to whatever you count as normal.
    Personally, I think "3 Days, 3 Ways" is a line of . . .
    at what point, generally speaking, do you stop thinking, "OK, I ain't gittin' out of this as soon as I thought, time to get to the rest of the cache "

    Do you use time as a factor? Circumstances, or a combination of the two.
    Do you actually start paying attention to Fox News ?:D
    What do you use as a trip wire.

    IF you use time, how long?
    I used to figure a month for things to "settle down"
    But after Katrina . . .
    I try to use a 3 stage model
    1 week, 1 month, It's hit the fan!!
    but now, I'm starting to second guess myself.

    just curious about your opinions
    I'm hoping to pick up some insight, also
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  2. sailaway

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    Hurricane Andrew had me completely paralized for 3 days. Within 3 weeks, I had found a new way to make an income and ran with that. Within 4 months things seemewd to be getting back to normal and stabilized, how ever not the same as in the past. I had absloutely no preps for that storm, I was definately one of the zombies. That was the turning point for me and prepping. I know in the future I won't have to follow along blindly with the masses taking whatever bone the gubbermint throws them. I think things will be back to normal within a month of a storm like that in the future. Now I only have to move back to Florida.

  3. NaeKid

    NaeKid YourAdministrator, eh?

    I would imagine that the time-frame would be dependent on the situation.

    You loose your home to a fire - it could take you 2 years to recover - a fairly long-term situation looking forward, but, hindsight, it might not really feel all that bad. Now, if you don't have insurance to help you out, it could take you the rest of your life to reach a point where you feel like you have recovered to the point you were at before the fire ... and then that would be a long-term recovery.

    To figure that you need to get into that cache means that you have given up trying to do things normally and you need that boost from your rainy-day-fund to speed up your recovery. I am not saying that is a bad thing because that is exactly why you created the cache in the first place ... to create your own "insurance policy" that you have 100% control over and you don't need to beg-n-plead for anything from someone else.
  4. questor

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    I'm not thinking of individual/personal disaster. Fire, home gas explosion, etc.. In those you, usually, still have a Job, place of business, and an income. you can move in to a motel or with nearby family/friends.
    You take a few days off work, get the ball rolling and move on with life.
    I've been burnt out. I got by on a wallet a pair of jeans a bicycle and 10 days vacation time (that was returned).
    Life went on, with no dramatic change. Just two moves. One to a motel and then one to the new house.
    I consider those type of hardships, run of the mill. They are a, relatively, common occurrence.
    They do not affect thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of people at the same time in the same area.
    You don't need your cache or 1 week BOB.

    I'm thinking about a Katrina/Andrew type storm, San Francisco type quake, etc . . .
    A fairly large area Disaster. The type where you are waiting for the forlorn hope (FEMA) to step in.
    Your home is gone, your family may be scattered across the area. Your place of business is gone,
    your job is gone, you have no income. There may be Martial Law.
    You need your BOB !
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  5. Doomsayer

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    all my prep is for long term survial.but when to leave or not is very dependent on what happens and time of year.My basic plan is stay min 3 days and see and then continue listening to radio for additional information as to when things will get back to normal,in the event any info i get regarding a major SHTF event tat states more than a week or two i will begin to move out to final BOL. I have planned 3 locals so far.