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I have a FoodSaver and just regular plastic bags. Will just vacuum sealing not work? I know it might not be good for 5+yrs but it should hold up for several years right?? I have different types of beans packed in 1-5 lbs bags. White rice done the same way. I stored them in a tote in the closet. Everything I see is talking about Mylar and buckets. I don't have the extra $ for that right now. Won't this work for awhile ? This is my first post on here so a little latitude please. Thanks!
It will work for a while, probably a couple of years, but check very often. All of mine unsealed over time, some folks have problems, some don't. I live in humidity and have to keep a dehumidifier in my basement, so that might be the culprit, but I'm just not liking food saver sealing and dry goods. I enjoy it for things I put in the freezer, or temp seal. I've sealed noodles, pancake mixes, etc and they all loose their seal. I've read where air does penetrate those bags over time, mylars are air proof. :D

So, yes, it will work for now. Keep prepping and maybe look into getting gallon size and absorbers. I love my gallon ones!!!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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