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I bought a large bag of rice, and used quart glass jars that I vaccum seal , to put the rice in. The last vacumm sealer I bought, I also got the standard jar lid, and wide mouth jar sealer attachment that works with the vacuum sealer. There are hookup ports on most bag sealers to hookup jar sealer lid attachments. These work great for long term storage of dry goods such as rice, beans, grits, powdered milk, etc.

Although the quart jars are a smaller quantity, the jars allow for a smaller quantity at a time to be opened for use. I have opened up corn meal over 7 years old as fresh as the day it was put up. No air equals long term freshness, and no spoilage. The jar sealers attachments can probably be found on ebay, or by doing a google search. Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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