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    Is it possible for a single person to build their own log cabin? It seems like once the logs reach a certain height on the wall how would the person get them up there without a rope, some angled pieces of wood, and a horse?
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    I suggest you check out this video:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsfB6oJ55wM]YouTube - Alone in the Wilderness - The Story of Dick Proenneke[/ame]
    Do a Google search to find the complete film.
    Alone in the Wilderness
    Richard "Dick" Proenneke

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    What kind of wood are you planning on using, phr0zen?
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    I'm sure it's possible, but 2 people could do it 4 times faster. Find a friend and trade work. He helps you build a cabin and you help him do a project or do a project for him. A friend of mine from church got 15-20 people to come over and we erected the shell of his future home in 2-3 days. (corrogated metal) He is still framing, plumbing and wiring the inside.
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    Of course you can!!! :)

    Hi everyone,

    I just joined the forum today, what a great place! Yes you absolutely CAN build a log home all by your lonesome. I've taken 2 classes in Canada on how to hand-build one from the ground up and have 10 years experience in the log home industry. First off, you are MUCH better off doing it from scratch as opposed to a kit, not to mention WAAAAAY cheaper. It's possible to build a nice-sized log home from scratch (assuming you have construction skills) for as little as 10k if you know where to look for supplies, tools, etc. I plan on building mine and have a budget of 30k for the entire house which will be 2300 sq ft total living space....and I'm a girl...lol :)
    The trick is to think backwards....they did most everything with hand tools in the 17 & 1800's and built cabins that still stand today, so if you use some really simple and old-school methods to erect the shell you can get it done with just one person.....though I agree with the earlier post that two is a LOT easier and faster!!! LOL

    In this case, if you take the time to learn some things, shop in the right places, and have decent skills, the sky's the limit! :)

    Hope this helps. :)
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    I've never built a log home. However, when it comes to construction projects of all types at least one extra pair of hands works wonders. Is there a reason why you want to build it by yourself? If you can get some friends or family to help it would make it much easier.
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    There is also all kinds of log cabin simple plans on the internet to even in some magazines that you can find. I also have the book the Foxfire Book which is a group of students that recorded traditional folk culture of the Southern Appalachians. In this book you have also how to build a log cabin. Remember they did everything by hand using only hand tools!
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    if you didn't do any framing, WHAT did you attach the corrugated to? :confused: :eek: :D ;)
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    FYI - The Google Ads @ the top of the screen rotate to Log Cabin Plans every few times