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Discussion in 'Politics' started by BillM, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. BillM

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    I have listened with a great deal of amusement to both sides of the political spectrum tout locking up and or impeaching the sitting president.

    This is all a political show for the masses.

    The reality is that it is impossible to either impeach the president or to prosecute Hillary Clinton .

    Prosecutorial discretion would prevent a successful prosecution.

    When charged with a crime to which you plead "not guilty", you have to have all twelve jurors find you guilty. Since you are entitled to a jury of your peers , at least six would have to be democrats.

    The same holds true with Trump.

    To impeach the president, you have to have 2/3 of the senate and it has to be a high crime and/or misdemeanor.

    This whole dog and pony show is just to jen up support from the uneducated / unwashed populace .
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  2. mrghostwalker

    mrghostwalker Well-Known Member

    What he said.
    And besides, "I Hate Trump" is not an impeachable offense.
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  3. labotomi

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    That's not only wrong, it's incredibly ignorant.
  4. labotomi

    labotomi Well-Known Member

    I'm sure the 'high crimes and misdemeanors' condition has been met. Just because it hasn't been released yet doesn't mean nothing is there. Once it is laid out in public there's going to be a lot more pressure on both sides to impeach.
    Don't act as if you cynicism is fact, bill.
  5. BillM

    BillM BillM

    I think you have an impeachment proceeding confused with a criminal trial.
    They are two different things.
    You are incredibly ignorant. :)
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  6. BillS

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    The left definitely wants to impeach Trump. It doesn't matter what the law is. The Democrats will remove him from office if they can and at least half of the Republicans are Deep State puppets so they'll go along with it. It's nothing less than a coup against a sitting president. It is NOT political theater.
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  7. labotomi

    labotomi Well-Known Member

    That's the dumbest thing I've heard today and that's saying a lot
    I take back my earlier comment. You don't have any idea what you're talking about. Does a black defendant require 6 black jurors? NO. Does a paraplegic require 6 paraplegics? NO. Just stating this shows an incredible ignorance of the judicial system.
    What is a high crime and/or misdemeanor? It's whatever the **** the house says it is. There is no definition or restriction on the house. None, nada.

    It amazes me that you will support Trump who's lied, reduce regulations designed to protector you and me for the sake of making his associates money. Farmers are deeper in dept than anytime in the last 3 decades. Some here aren't even planting this spring because they can't sell last years crop.

    The person talking about restricting the media, calling them enemy of the state. **** YOU RETARD. Your are supporting the very thing you crow about preventing.
  8. labotomi

    labotomi Well-Known Member

    OH, If any one thinks I don't plan on continuing to call out your idiocy or anyone else's. Ban me

    **** YOU TOO!!

    This goes double for Sentry the person who defends burning infants with flash bang grenades. Beat up any protesters lately, Sentry or haven't had the chance?
  9. labotomi

    labotomi Well-Known Member

    Republicans impeached Clinton for far less but this, THIS, is a coup? The only people who think that are the people who share your ignorance and stay away from anyone who disagrees.

    The only reason you support him is because you voted for him and you are too hard headed to admit you made a mistake. That's ok. The very people who continue to support him are the same ones getting hurt the worst.

    I believe SCOTUS has ruled on this. Trump is an idiot

    Nothing says confidence like having to lie about your popularity. Not only that, there's been zero evidence voter fraud in the presidential election.

    Said by the guy who threatened to sue anyone who released his grades right after he tried to get Obama's grades. Yup, nothing like a little projection of your own inadequacies. Besides, we've all heard him talk. Smart is a relative term to some. If you think Trump is smart, it says a lot about your intelligence.

    Go ahead ****ers, support him if you want. The elections in 2020 are going to be a slaughter for the GOP. If they want to survive they are going to have to change and not rely on gerrymandering and voter suppression because Trump did the very thing they didn't want, he woke up the Democrats.
  10. capt.

    capt. Well-Known Member

    Each party has it's own issues. I do know Trump gave me a pay raise . Both the Clintons and Obamas did not. Nor did they help the armed forces in any meaningful way. Each of us need to look at the person not just the party. I believe that a third party will make inroads the next few years as the sitting patrons are greedy and corrupt. Not all, but enough. they need to go. A third party strong enough can moderate the other two. Term limits must apply to all elected office's. Recalls should apply to all. Corrupt people should go to jail. The deep state should not be allowed to operate. Laws passed should always stand alone and not duplicate and confuse, law already in place. The supreme court should not in any way promote social change, PERIOD!!. All spending bills should be easy and single minded. No relative of any federal/ or state agency head should be allowed to profit from family in .gov. The courts should not be used to silence those who disagree with the powers that be.
    Finally we are a Republic not a Democracy. And the Constitution is still valid and should be ruled on it's face, not on a theory from either side. But it is only my 5 cents worth. If you have not served in defense of this country ,you should walk softly.
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  11. musketjim

    musketjim Well-Known Member

    I prep no matter who is in office, my opinion matters not a whit at the national level. I always suggest sitting back and roll one or pour one depending on your preference, and think about what you can do to improve your position tomorrow. There is always going to be a politician out there that someone hates.