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Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by kyfarmer, Jun 26, 2010.

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    A forum post by a worried mother about the way the world was heading, netted a crap load of negative feed back. All she was asking did people think someone should put back a few extra things just in case, of a flood, storm or other things. The nasty crap that was posted to and about her and the family was past insane. WTF is wrong with people. She was asking for help with this and it was like she was a baby murder. I know people ain't right these days but jezz! Every thing from don't ya trust that god of your's to ya are a crazy *****. I would never have expected that many nut cases to come outa the wood work. If they ain't nut cases and just plain people, then what does that say about the world we live in today. I,am gona say it will be a much rougher ride than a lot of us think. Anything like this in your neck of the wood's.
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    What type of forum was it?

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    That's the thing about the internet. You get people who no longer have a filter. Who can say absolutely anything that comes to mind. And it turns out that a lot of those people are dicks.

    It happens on forums all across the globe on just about any topic.
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    A local news forum, its unregulated and i don't go there but a subject came up that put me on it. I seen this post and let her know she was not alone and not to pay attetion to fools, who hide behind net names. You can't private message on there so i could not let her know about the sites i go to. I did not want a load of those scum balls on here trolling, not needed i reckon. Beside i,am done with that crappy site nothing but a gossip crap hole.
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    I don't think its just on the net we have a problem with nut jobs. My little sister saw this older lady drop an apple from her cart at the market and she rolled her window down to tell the lady, but instead of a thank you or just a kind wave the lady went off on my little sister. "Well, if I wanted the dam thing I would have picked it up" :eek: I wonder what has happened to soceity? :scratch
    Its very depressing when a pop stars death makes head lines for the second time and our men and women in uniform die silently for thier country. We don't even know there names. I am not agaist sports, but jocks make more money in one year then most people make in a life time while Cancer research center beg for donations.
    Now you can't even say the word god outside your home without being sued. Or ware the american flag without affending some other nationalty.:mad:
    I think I need a hug now.:cry:
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    This nation of normal Americans, ( i,am gona catch it for that one) who just want the freedom to raise our children and live our lives with out the govt. sticking their nose in every crack we have. The pot been a boiling for a few years now and about to run over. The voting must be tried first but after that if we are still treated like the peons they think we are, well i,am not happy with the direction of this country now is anybody you know happy with it. I don't know of anyone who is. Why are people like they are i,am not sure but it is a mess about to get a heck of a lot worse. Treating our troops like crap will come back to bite those azz holes where it hurts, you can count on it. Pure hate for god or any form of it will get more out in the open than it already has. Before this ends it will be a crime to mention god. Freedom has left the American stage. Sad Ain't the word for it.
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    Hmm, no "hug" smiley icon thingy. Sorry, Littlebit, I was going to send you one!
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    Gypsysue.......Just the thought helped Thanks! :)
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    Here's a hug for you Littlebit. :earthhug: You are on the earth somewhere; right? :)
  10. Littlebit

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    LOL. Now I am smiling:D .....Thanks UncleJoe!
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    I find so-called 'news' forums are like that - so many utterly clueless idiots on board. Say ANYTHING, someone gets offended and begins a rant. Political, religious, anything else - the Moonbats start flying!

    I stick to the prepping and gun boards - much better class of folks! At least I know the majority share my interests! ;)

    And yep - the internut 'news' is running MJ crap again...... how many times do we gotta bury him...? :nuts:

    I no longer watch TV - just too much air-headed mush on there these days. Been "off the tube" two months now - I think my BP is much more even now. I no longer yell at the morons on it. :2thumb:
  12. Aemilia

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    Moonbats. I love that term. I stick to boards covering my interests, and I'm choosy about where on those board I spend time (for example, I usually avoid the "general" section of my favorite homeschooling forum).

    I don't like non-specific forums for the reasons mentioned. For example, the medical marijuana debate is going again here, so I've been reading some of the comments on the local news. I'm sad to report there are still people who can't comprehend the story, but still feel qualified to post multiple times on their opinion. (And rudely, with name-calling.)

    I'm glad you stepped into at least offer a counter-opinion. Hopefully she saw it.
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    Moonbats, He! He! i like that to. My take would be a little more colorful ya know what i mean. :) I hope she done a little digging on the subject. In spite of all the loons i think they will figure it out. It is a shame that a simple question would get such negative feedback. I do think it was the moonbats on the attack. :D
  14. Genevieve

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    Myself and a couple of other members were posting on a local community forum last year about being ready for emergemcies of any kind. A married couple there were even taking CERT training. Anyways, we were posting and not 10 posts in, the ADMIN(!) basically told us that we were crazy for preparing for emergencies.And some of the other members poo-poo'd the idea also.Didn't get nasty but they were showing their yuppy-fied snotty side, believe me. Making fun and asking if we had our bunkers for the radiation and crap like that:rolleyes:
    This past Feb we had back to back blizzards with 56 inches of snow total. 6-8 foot drifts. I asked the folks on that board how that not preparing was working out for them? LOL LOL This area was shut down for days LOL Of course those of us with our preps were snug as bugs, warm, watered,fed and had electric.

    kyfarmer, too bad you couldn't let the lady know where to look for like minded folks. Hopefully she'll search the net and find us
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    I stay off news boards all together. I used to post on a couple but the lack of moderation made it to where anyone could sign up then reinforce their point. It was to biased for me.